Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I've got some great ones...

I have a myspace page, and that's where I do a lot of blogging...but I'm trying to blog a little more here, since my sister and nephew have blogs on here as well. About a month ago, I wrote a blog about my great friends...I thought I'd share on this blog as well.

My parents - yes...I consider my parents friends of mine. They have been there my entire life for me giving me advice, comforting during heartbreaks, and allowing me to make mistakes on my own...even though they knew what was the right decision and that I was about to make the wrong choice....they were there. As I have grown older...I really even more how important my parents are...and how thankful I am to have them in my life.

D33 (aka David) - I met D33 during my first year of college. His dad was my Bible Study Methods teacher. I think David was homeschooled...and I can't remember what grade he was in, but since his mom taught him he would have to study during our study hall. He and I used to pass notes...mainly about the boy I liked...but we became friends then. He always called me the cool sister he never had (he has two sisters, too). Anyway...after I left college I still kept in touch with some of the people...but I had lost touch with him...until about 4 years ago. When we first started talking again...it was like we hadn't been apart. It's been great...he's been a strong friend to lean on...especially during a death of a mutual friend and a heartbreak.
*A funny memory I have with him...He met some of my family at the park in Ashland...while my parents and sister and brother-in-law talked, he and I took my two younger nephews to play on the different play areas. Well...while we had the boys on the merry-go-round, another kid came up and wanted on the merry-go-round. I let the boys stay for a little bit, but we decided to take the boys off of it and go to the next area. D33 stayed to push the merry-go-round for the other little boy. I turned to walk away and heard a noise...when I turned around the little boy had fallen off the merry-go-round and into a mud puddle. D33 was picking him up and telling him to go into the grassy area and scoot around to get the extra mud off. The sight was hilarious...in fact just thinking about it I still smile.

Ben & Kat - I wrote about my friend Ben being a genius a few blogs ago. Well...his wife is a special friend of mine. She's my Alias buddy...as well as Ben. We used to sit around and talk about the show and what we would do if we were writing the episodes. Of course...they sorta lost interest...and are now getting ready to watch the last season. I really hope to be able to get some comments from them about those episodes...LOL!! Ben is also one of the Sunday school teachers for our class. He has challenged me in my spiritual growth quite a bit. He is my fake brother. I have three brothers, but two live away, and I really don't get a chance to talk to the one who lives close by...so Ben is there if I have any boy questions...and the boy opinions I usually ask for. Kat has recently become my workout buddy. She and I have been walking in the mornings for our health. Ben is going to be helping me with my eating plan (after the beach).
*special memory...the night I told them about my breakup, Ben drove Kat by the house to make sure I had left and was planning to go to church. They didn't want me to get in the habit of staying home and allowing this situation to keep me out of church. I will say...knowing she was planning to check on me...and her willingness to lead the music that night if I needed her to was something that was helpful to me not to quit everything.

Sara (aka...puppet master 2) - Sara is my little sister...if I had one. It's funny because I have always considered her opposite of my personality, but when I actually got to know her I realized we are a lot alike. Sara is in charge of our puppet team at church. She went to Mexico last year when we took the puppets. I was her roommate...and really got to know her well during that week. Sara is also one of my prayer partners as I am to her, too. Anytime I email her with a request, I know she will be praying.
*special memory...there are several...first - the first time I got to know her was at Women of Faith two years ago. I realized she was not as shy as she led us to believe. She and I ran up about 20 flights of stairs to get back to our seats so I could watch Jody McBrayer of Avalon perform...well I actually saw the entire group, but Jody's my favorite. LOL!!...second - The mission trip...being there to experience a lot of her firsts...flying (my hadn has recovered the feeling in it)...alien possession (if it wasn't human then it must have been alien...) third - is one I have been sworn not to tell...so let's just say I have a LOT of secrets on her.

Mary Ferguson - Drama Queen...in a good way. This girl can act. She's really good. She has such wisdom when it comes to my dealings with guys...even though she's younger than me. I'm really looking forward to spending some time at the beach with her...as we will be roommates that week.
*A great memory...surviving our friendship after dealing with the Steve drama.

Tina Bird (aka...puppet master, the original) - Tina has become a very close friend over the past couple of months. She has become an accountability partner to me. We are now going through a book study called "Capitivating." I have learned so much about myself through reading this book. Tina's past is a lot like mine...she grew up an MK, and PK. Had a lot of the same rules...and I feel she is experiencing life similar to the way I experienced it. Tina's my girl to go to when I'm struggling with an issue...she's going to be praying for me...as I do with her...the whole accountability thing there.
*A special memory...our counselling sessions...and some of them with just the two of us. Another memory I have of us was when we were so wrapped up in our own conversation we didn't know that the high school football game was being post-poned due to the rain.

Laura (my myspace friend) - although I have now met her. She's a great friend...to help me pass the time during my day. She will keep me laughing at crazy things.
*A special memory...her visiting me for my birthday this year.

Carrie (my "former" concert buddy) - Carrie was the other person from college with whom I still keep in contact. She was my roommate my first year there. She and I have seen many CCM artists...and have met most of them. Carrie and I had a rough patch though...she was not living for God and had really allowed herself drift away, but recently through some major events in her life is getting back on track. I'm amazed at how she has grown. She asked me the other day to be an accountability partner to her. She also asked me to sing at her wedding...as well as stand up as a bridesmaid. I'm honored by all three requests. Carrie and I a unique relationship...we share a brain. I'm serious...we say the same exact phrase...at the same time. Once her sister was sitting between us at a concert. We both were watching the same thing...and made the same comment. Her sister got this weird look and said, "whoa...stereo!" It was hilarious...but she will come to me sometimes ready to say something and I'll finish her thought.
*There are many great memories of the concerts we have seen...one of my favorites was seeing Newsboys live ... especially the spinning drum set. But a more recently special memory... was being asked to be her accountability partner. This is a responsibility that is not taken likely to me...but what was more special about it...was the fact she is looking to the Source to be her foundation...and I'm just there asking the hard questions.

Sammi - Sammi is my OTH buddy....as she's the only one who understands me when I start talking about that show. She hasn't been around much lately though...as her job is working her crazy hours.
*A memory...the Sunday afternoons we spent watching Phil of the Future before we left for church.

I have a new friend to add...Emily - I recently met Emily about two weeks ago. She will be going to the beach with the gang. She's a hoot. After meeting her, I realize how great God is when He brings people into our lives...at just the right time. She needed us and we needed her. It's been really nice to have someone new to tell our stories too...and someone who thinks we are funny and fun to be with. I'm really looking forward to getting to know her better this coming week.

Well...those are a few of my friends...these friends are those I have considered a support system to me. They are people who challenge me to grow spiritually...as well as encourage me in my daily walk. I'm thankful for each other them...as they each bring something special to the table.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog about my friends...I hope it will be a reminder to you to thank God for the people He brings in your life.

(a future blog will be about my family...and how each of them have contributed in my life.)...

Am I learning yet???

It's ironic when I see how the Sunday school lessons have been going along with the Sunday evening service. Well this Sunday was not any different. What was even funnier was how the song I sang went with both of them too. I sang a song called "Live Like A King" (David Phelps). Well...the first verse to the song really hits on the subject of simplicity and living that type of life.

My thirst for the things of this earth
Isn't quenched by diamonds and pearls
One Man lived a life that I want
He's the one they said ruled the world
Through He only wore a crown of thorns
And he never owned a thing...

Well...I was heading to Wal-mart with two items on my list (contacts & batteries). As I usually do in Wal-mart, I began to look around the store. I picked up the batteries, some contact solution, a magazine, went by the shoe department, and headed over to the clothes which I ended up picking up a shirt to go with some pajama pants for the beach before heading to the checkouts. Well...as I was walking to the checkouts, I realized the stuff in my hand that wasn't on my list was not stuff I absolutely needed. So I began to lay things down, first the contact solution (as I have a bottle at home, but I wasn't sure how much was in it), then the shirt (I have a shirt to go with those pants, I just can't find it right now), then the magazine (as much as I think Ty Pennington is an amazing designer...and the fact I can loan the magazine to Tina after I read it ... I still just couldn't talk myself into paying the amount of money it was to purchase it). I ended up getting just contacts and batteries. Those two items on my list. WOW!!! The last time I went to Wal-mart, I walked out of the store paying just 1.98...I had bought soap, and something else I needed that was just 98 cents...So that's twice I have gone to Wal-mart and not allowed myself to be sucked into buying more than I needed. It's a great feeling...I hope I can continue to keep up with denying myself those things I really don't need. Or if I do purchase things I don't need to give things away in place of the stuff I have just purchased.
Until next time...
P.S. less than 4 days until the beach....

Saturday, June 09, 2007

CD song listing...

The CD I made for my dad for Father's Day has the following songs on it. This is the order as well.
1. End of the Beginning (originally recorded by David Phelps)
2. Praise The Lord (originally recorded by Jonathan Pierce)
3. The Basics of Life (originally recorded by 4 Him)
4. Heaven (originally recorded by Michael English)
5. I Am Nothing (originally recorded by Ginny Owens)
6. Always Be Your Baby (originally recorded by Natalie Grant)
7. Life Is Hard (originally recorded by Pam Thum)
8. No More Night (originally recorded by David Phelps)

I had to put my signature song on there "Life Is Hard" because that's my daddy's favorite song I sing. It is a much requested song at church as well...and since this song is something I have lived through...it gets harder to sing in public than it used to be.

On Monday night I hope to be able to work on the CD labels for the cover. I did a cover for it, but it didn't turn out as well as I wanted it to. I hope the other one will do better.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

My Friend is a Genius

Well...tonight was spent making my Father's Day gift for my daddy. I'm making him a CD of some of his favorite songs that I sing. I just finished making the CD cover. It's pretty cool looking. If I take a picture of the finished product, I'll post it on my myspace page. But this post is about my genius of a friend. Ben, who was running the sound, did this amazing cut and paste of one of the songs. It was about the fourth time I sang one of the songs...I had just put a new piece of gum in my mouth and towards the end of the song, I almost choked on the spit in my mouth. It was a little funny when it happened...but I finished the song anyway. Well...since I had messed up he wanted me to sing it one more time...making this be the fifth time I sang it. I had the words in front of me the whole time, but I still missed one of the words in the bridge. Well he took the second one that I sang and cut the ending to that one and then pasted it to the last song I did. I swear he's a genius...he got it right the first time. We both looked at each other with this shocked look on our faces. I was very impressed. I think if I ever do make a CD for real...I'm definitely having him come down to be there too because my friend Ben ... he's a genius.
Other news...we've got 9 days until the beach. We are officially in single digits. I'm so excited!!!!! I will hate the fact that I'm going to be gone for Father's Day, but my dad and I will be doing something special the weekend before...which is this weekend.
BTW...27 = 12...that's what I learned tonight while recording those songs. LOL!!!
Until next time....