Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Am I learning yet???

It's ironic when I see how the Sunday school lessons have been going along with the Sunday evening service. Well this Sunday was not any different. What was even funnier was how the song I sang went with both of them too. I sang a song called "Live Like A King" (David Phelps). Well...the first verse to the song really hits on the subject of simplicity and living that type of life.

My thirst for the things of this earth
Isn't quenched by diamonds and pearls
One Man lived a life that I want
He's the one they said ruled the world
Through He only wore a crown of thorns
And he never owned a thing...

Well...I was heading to Wal-mart with two items on my list (contacts & batteries). As I usually do in Wal-mart, I began to look around the store. I picked up the batteries, some contact solution, a magazine, went by the shoe department, and headed over to the clothes which I ended up picking up a shirt to go with some pajama pants for the beach before heading to the checkouts. Well...as I was walking to the checkouts, I realized the stuff in my hand that wasn't on my list was not stuff I absolutely needed. So I began to lay things down, first the contact solution (as I have a bottle at home, but I wasn't sure how much was in it), then the shirt (I have a shirt to go with those pants, I just can't find it right now), then the magazine (as much as I think Ty Pennington is an amazing designer...and the fact I can loan the magazine to Tina after I read it ... I still just couldn't talk myself into paying the amount of money it was to purchase it). I ended up getting just contacts and batteries. Those two items on my list. WOW!!! The last time I went to Wal-mart, I walked out of the store paying just 1.98...I had bought soap, and something else I needed that was just 98 cents...So that's twice I have gone to Wal-mart and not allowed myself to be sucked into buying more than I needed. It's a great feeling...I hope I can continue to keep up with denying myself those things I really don't need. Or if I do purchase things I don't need to give things away in place of the stuff I have just purchased.
Until next time...
P.S. less than 4 days until the beach....

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