Saturday, June 09, 2007

CD song listing...

The CD I made for my dad for Father's Day has the following songs on it. This is the order as well.
1. End of the Beginning (originally recorded by David Phelps)
2. Praise The Lord (originally recorded by Jonathan Pierce)
3. The Basics of Life (originally recorded by 4 Him)
4. Heaven (originally recorded by Michael English)
5. I Am Nothing (originally recorded by Ginny Owens)
6. Always Be Your Baby (originally recorded by Natalie Grant)
7. Life Is Hard (originally recorded by Pam Thum)
8. No More Night (originally recorded by David Phelps)

I had to put my signature song on there "Life Is Hard" because that's my daddy's favorite song I sing. It is a much requested song at church as well...and since this song is something I have lived gets harder to sing in public than it used to be.

On Monday night I hope to be able to work on the CD labels for the cover. I did a cover for it, but it didn't turn out as well as I wanted it to. I hope the other one will do better.

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