Saturday, August 04, 2007

a few happenings....

Yesterday, I got my paycheck from my boss...the raise was more than I expected. I was maybe expecting 10 cents to 25 cents...the last two raises I got were just 25 that's what I thought...I actually got 50 cents. I was praising the Lord. He's so good. I told one of my friends that I thought God was allowing this to help me tough it out this month. During this transition month things are going to be difficult...actually they already are, and there are days I really hate my job, but I believe God does want me there for a reason. I just have to stick it out.

Yesterday was a pretty rough day. Crystal was sick and didn't make it to work again. I called the agent between 9:30 and 10:00 to see if he was coming in, he said he was on the way. I guess since he was late he was trying to make up for it, by bringing me breakfast. I ate sausage, eggs, and biscuits. It was a great breakfast. It was a good thing he brought it too because I ended up not going to lunch until after 2:00. It was a busy day. After we both ate lunch (I had picked him something from McDonald's), he said, "I have to leave again." I was like great...I'm going to be alone the rest of the day. My friend Sammi stopped by and got to talk to her a bit. It wasn't too bad though.

Last night, I went to a play called "The Power of His Touch" at Temple Baptist Church. It was a nice play. I had never seen it before, and my friend Mary has been after me several years to we all went...well, part of the group went (Ben, Kat, Mary, Rich, Sara, me and Dave). D33 and Em will be going tonight to see it as they both had to work last night. It was a nice play afterwards, we went to Applebees to eat (except for Rich). It was a nice time. Dave took me to his house for me to pick up my car, but we talked for awhile before I headed home. It was a nice evening.

Today, Kat, Mary, and I are going to the pool. I need some serious tan on my legs. This evening, Mary, Sara, and I are going to the movies.

I'm getting ready to finish cleaning the bathroom and part of my room before I leave for the I'm going to finish this post.

Until next time...

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