Thursday, August 02, 2007

Good News...

Yesterday, my boss came by to pick up the paperwork for to send to home office, and he stood at the end of the counter. He said, "You all are doing a great job up here. Look for a raise on your checks." I was really surprised at the comment he made...but the raise comment was a shocker. I really can't wait to see what he's going to do.

We are having some changes at the office where I work. The agent who works in that office has gotten a new position with the company and a different county. He will be leaving in September. I wasn't sure this move was going to be as smoothly as I think it may end up being, but after meeting the agent who will be taking his place...I think I'll really enjoy my job again.

This the move to the Flatwoods office (I used to work in the main office for the county), has been really hard for me. I call it the "step child" office because I don't get to hear a lot of the news going on from the other girls. (They try to email and stuff...but it's not the same...)

Anyway...Brian Carrol, the agent who has been hired, stopped by the office about a month ago and wanted to introduce himself. I had heard about him from the agent who helped me get hired. Brian seems like a great guy, and I'm really looking forward to him joining the team.

During this month of will be difficult as Paul will not be in the office as much as he will be needed. That will cause a lot of hardships for Crystal and I as we deal with the customers who want to talk to him. I think once Brian begins, that will help things tremendously since I think Brian will be the type of agent who will work with us.

Please be praying during this transition period. I'll try to keep this blog updated a little better than I have been.

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