Saturday, November 03, 2007

First Love...

I was reading a friend's blog on her myspace page about God, relationships, and dating. While reading it I remember a really good song by Avalon entitled "First Love." Thought I'd share the lyrics with you all.

I used to be the one
Who would long to hear your voice
A child who sought to win his Father's heart
But as I carried on
Life got a hold on me
Now here I am, a child so far from home

Tell me when did I lose my first love?
Where did the fire and passion go?
Burn in me Your holy fire
Give me back my lost desire
And restore in me the love I felt for You

Can I remember how it felt
When they looked into my face
And they saw the love of Jesus in my eyes
When I look back on my life
And question where I've been
Can I really say I've done my best for you?

Oh, where did I go?
(I've lost my way, I've lost my love, I'm all alone)
Oh, I'm lost and I'm alone
Oh, help me please
Lord, lead me home

Father take me back
And let me start again
Lord, I've failed and I've fallen in my pride
But lead me back to you
Where my life began
Revive in me the yearning that has died.

May we draw back to our First Love...He's the One who is ALWAYS with us. Thank you, Jesus....

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AlreadyButNotYetResurrectedFallenMan said...

Those are great lyrics... On a much less serious note I know a song that has words about the same thing:
"I miss my first love bad, and it's driving me mad. I'm like a mixed up crazy person out of his head. It's been a long, long time. I've been on the decline. I do an about face so I can be replaced." From the song "Replace Me" the one that says, "Every last breath I scream for You. Shatter me to a million peices make me new. Crash me down and bring me mourning. Make me what You want me to be. I am Yours, and new to you so take and replace me with You."