Monday, December 24, 2007

Lessons being learned...

So my mom has been getting after me because I haven't written much in my blog for almost a month now. It's been mainly because most of the things I have been experiencing have been hard to put into words. For the past month I have been reflecting on the past year. I do this every year, but since God has been teaching me a lot in the area of treating others the way I want to be treated...I have found a lot of areas that need to be surrendered to Him and need to have Him control.

Last Sunday during Sunday school (December 16th), was our first class going through the book "Facing Your Giants" by Max Lucado. We chose to do this book because several of us feel that we have a lot of obstacles in our lives that we have allowed to consume our thoughts and patterns of life. We need to retrain our thinking and remember where our strength to fight the daily battles we come into contact. That morning, one of the members of the class shared with us what she had been struggling with...and how she feels we need to really look at our lives and ask God where He wants us to go. She had surrendered her life to full-time ministry, yet she felt she had not been living to her fullest potential. So that class got me thinking about things in my life. Areas where I may not be living to my full potential. That evening, three of us went out and really had a conversation. She revealed a few things that she saw where we could begin to surrender. One of the things she said she was struggling with was gossip. When she mentioned that area I realized I have a problem in that too. We cover it up as prayer requests, but really it's just gossip. The interesting thing was we were tested with it that very evening. Someone made a comment and I asked the question, "What happened?" The person was about ready to answer it, and I said, "wait! I don't need to know. Don't tell me." That evening after being with the girls, I began to seek God about how I can stop this habit. In high school a girl came up to me once and said, "why don't you say anything bad about anybody?" We had just had a conversation about a person and I didn't say anything (good or bad). I told her the reason was because that person had never done anything to me to cause me to say bad things about them. What I realized now was that I just didn't say anything negative about people. Back then I didn't realize what a great trait this was...and how quickly and easily it is to get into the habit of talking about people. So God shared with me that night to begin again. Begin to not speak negative things about others. It's been tough and I have had a few situations where I have had to ask the person I was speaking to ... to forgive me for saying something negative about a person. It's been an interesting lesson...but it goes with the main lesson that God has been teaching me..."Treat others the way I want to be treated."

For the year 2008...I have made a goal to "Honor God with my actions and attitude." This goal is how I have come up with the new resolutions for this year. You've heard the statement "for every cause there is an effect." So what I was trying to fix was the effects responding to the actually cause. Now I'm trying to fix the cause of the problems.

I've been seeing progress too. A friendship has been restored due to this new way of thinking. God is also answering many prayers I have been praying. I have been asking for boldness in our group. It's hard to take a stand when the crowd is doing something else, but I believe God is omniscient, and if I've got Him on my side...Nothing is impossible with Him.

Hope this is what you wanted momma...LOL!!! Merry Christmas to you all who read this.