Saturday, February 23, 2008

Strange noises in the morning...

I've never really thought of myself as a light sleeper, but sometimes a certain noise can wake me up. Situation...I got home late last night...when I did I was on the phone with a friend for when I got to bed this was after 1 or so. I was planning on sleeping as late as I could. Well...this morning I kept hearing a knocking noise...not sure what was causing it, but then I heard something like walking...from a little creature (i.e. a mouse). "Great! Not again!" I thought. I yelled for my mom, but apparently it wasn't loud enough. I thought to myself, "maybe if I turn the light on it may stop" I'm not sure that was a good idea...because it did stop, and I haven't found the mouse or heard anything since then...of course, now I'm not in my room because I don't want to see the creature. I hate mice...seriously. soon as my mom wakes up, I'm going to see if she can get a trap for me to put in my room. BTW, did I say I really hate mice.

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