Friday, March 14, 2008

almost back to normal's Friday night and we are hanging out at Ben & Kat's. Last week we had a slight problem with the sicknesses in the gang. I'm glad we are back together again...sorta. There's a few who aren't going to make it tonight due to work or more sickness, but most of us are here tonight.

I got some really cool news from my favorite artist Tobymac. He's releasing a CD/DVD on MAY 27TH...which is also known as DEEJAY'S BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Birthday to me!

The interesting thing is we have a secretaries conference at my work. It begins on Wednesday, May I'll be travelling in the evening of my birthday. I'm not too excited about that fact, but I'll survive.

I have discovered something last night. I'm getting old. I went to a concert last night and I'm really feeling the effects of it. I used to be able to do multiple concerts in a week, but not anymore. Of course maybe if I got into the habit of it again, I would be able to get back into concert hopping shape...that's it...I'm just out of shape. LOL!!! Plus I didn't have my concert buddy with me. I really wish she were able to have gone with me.

It was a great concert and I'm really glad I went...almost every performer said things that really hit what I have been feeling recently. When Mercy Me got ready to perform "Bring the Rain" Bart talked about people being in a valley in life and how most times we are asking God to get us out...instead of just accepting the situation and allow glory to be given to God during the situation. He said, when we are in those valley times we should just simply say "bring the rain". The music began to play and I just started crying. My friend Mary who knows what I've been feeling leaned over and hugged me while I sat there and cried, and worshipped God. It was a really nice worship time for me and God.

I need to get back with the gang...Until next time...

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