Wednesday, March 19, 2008

hyped up on Diet Pepsi Max so a bunch of randomness is coming out...

Hi's me again...It's been an incredibly boring day...again. It's hard to pass the time when Bryan is out of the office...if it gets too boring when he's here we end up talking about crazy I'm getting hyped up on Diet Pepsi Max to help my mood to improve.

Tonight is church. I love going to church. I got news from my friend Mary that her co-workers who are supervisors scheduled a meeting tonight...because it's easier for her to miss church instead of them missing out on their plans throughout the week. We are praying for her because her mood is not good right now because of this meeting.

It's raining today...funny how my song of the moment is "Bring the Rain", but I'm really singing...stop the rain. I hate driving in rain, but I guess this rain is to remind me that Jesus is here and there are going to be storms in our lives that we can't control...but Jesus can.

Have a great day...oh...Easter is this Sunday...I am really excited about going to sunrise again this year...this is going to be my fourth sunrise service going (voluntarily).

My friends and I went out shopping last Saturday night for Easter stuff. We started at Wal-mart, and while we were there Kat and I got our nails done. I was getting a fill-in, but Kat was getting the real thing. After we finished at Wal-mart, all of us were hungry, so we went to Fazoli's to eat. I was sitting there eating my food and got this weird look on my friends looked at me and thought I was going to puke all over them...thankfully I didn't and I just stopped eating. I felt okay once I did stop I don't know what was exactly the problem. After we finished eating we headed to the mall for our search.

I had gotten my shirt to go with the skirt I had last year, but I still needed shoes for the outfit to be complete. Kat and Sam went their way to find shoes or Kat, Mary went on her own to try to find an entire outfit and Sara was with me running through the mall in different stores helping me find just the right shoes for my outfit. I had in mind that I wanted the "peek-a-toe" shoes in white. Something I didn't think it would be hard to find, but apparently it was harder than I thought. So we started at Payless, then headed to Goody's, after Goody's, we went down to Belk. On the way there, I saw the was at Vanity. I said, let's look at Belk before I buy them. Belk didn't have anything. So I headed back down to Vanity to get the shoes. It was so nice to be able to get the rest of my outfit.

It was a fun girls night out. Of course we were also supposed to get Ben some food before heading home and when Kat called to ask him if he still wanted his food we were not surprised that he still wanted it. When we got back home, I immediately went I was beginning to not feel well again. Thankfully the rest was what I needed...but my ears began to make hearing difficult.

Interesting thing to happen to a song for their ears to get infected or fluid in them. It was really hard to hear what I was supposed to be singing...the good thing was God was with me the entire day. For the evening service we had a service full of Easter music, poems and testimonies. I love doing services like that. I got to sing "Why" by Nichole Nordeman. That song is amazing. My friend Kat did an amazing job on "Only Grace". Sam sung a new song "Wonderful Cross" and Mary did her song again. Ben did a great job with "Amazing Grace (my chains are gone)." Every time he sings that song he does a better job than the last. I'm so proud of him for being braver and singing when I have asked him to.

Since my ears were bad, I had to be careful about adjusting the sound...thankfully I had Kat back with me...I only had to adjust the monitors for Ben at the end of the song when the music gets softer.

I went to the doctor on Monday to get my ears looked at. Since I'm singing on Sunday I wanted to be able to hear what I was singing...especially since I'm singing "Redeemer". The doctor gave me a prescription of nasal spray and also told me to get some Afrin to go with it for the first few days. I can tell a difference I think it's working. Last night was frustrating because it was all messed up in my head.

Until next time...

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