Tuesday, March 25, 2008

a pretty good week so far...

Easter was a great start to this week. We had sunrise service at church...and this is the fourth year I have attended (voluntarily)...well they promise me we go to breakfast afterward...so as long as there is food involved I'm usually there.

My friend D33 spoke at Sunrise...he did a really good job. The topic was intercessory prayer. One of the scripture text he used ended up being used in each service I went to that day...Hebrews 7:25.

After church on Sunday night we all went to Ben and Kat's to watch "The Passion." Ginger had not seen the movie yet, so we all watched it with her. It was a good reminder of what Jesus had done for us.

Monday I began my week working in the Greenup office. Joyce is on vacation. At first when I was having to fill in for her being gone I didn't like it, but I have enjoyed this week being done there. It's been fun working with Katherine and the two guys...well Brent was there today so I guess I should change it to three guys. Brent was hilarious today. I was asking him about his grandson and he was telling us stories of what he did. It's fun hearing him talk to us about that...because he seems like a real person when he's talking about his grandson. I have missed my own office though...things are starting to feel a little normal now...probably by the end of the week, I should feel more comfortable. Of course then it will be time to get back to my office in Flatwoods.

Tonight was Idol...I was impressed with a few performances. I loved David Cook...enjoy Michael Johns tonight too. I still like Brooke and David Archuleta, but as far as really blowing me out of the water it was David C and Michael. Amazing performances.

Tomorrow is church after work, then we finish up our second 6 weeks. I have gained every week this term...so hopefully I'll get back on track for the third 6 weeks.

That's all for now...I need to get to bed and I think mom wants to use the computer.

Until next time...

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whenyouspeaktome said...

Hey, I just saw your blog pop up on the home page and wanted to tell you that I love the title---what a great one!