Sunday, March 30, 2008

Random Thoughts

This mornings message was entitled "How sin hinders holiness." As soon as I heard it I knew it was going to be a difficult day. It’s interesting to me how God is always encouraging me to get my thoughts off myself...and onto Him.

This week while searching on I stumbled upon a great live video of Rebecca St. James singing "Go and Sin No More"...this song is a great song and has become a song of the moment for me this week. I talked with Pastor tonight about how I should have known the song was a clue as to He wasn’t finished with pointing me to Him and how easy it is to let sin into our lives. We need to be careful in every moment...protecting our testimonies for His service.

It’s been a rough weekend for me. A lot of thoughts are in my head right now. Emotionally I’m a mess...I cried several times today. It seemed our Sunday school lesson was on "unspeakable grief"...what a subject to begin the day with...and sometimes grief is not necessarily losing a love one, but can also mean losing a relationship/friendship due to an argument/or difference of opinion. Of course that was the first place where I cried. Hearing Kat talk about the possibility of losing her grandmother...made me begin to think about my parents. I know they aren’t as old as her grandmother, but their health is not the best sometimes. With my dad’s discovery of MG and the prostate seems it’s closer than I really want to dwell.

Then I come into the sanctuary to prepare for the worship service, and as pastor began to preach, I knew it was going to be an interesting day. I sat there listening and seeing areas in my life that need to be changed. I know God is patient and I’m thankful for that...because it’s like he pushes me to my limit...and raise my hands...and just ask for a little rest time...well...I got it, but now it’s time to be pushed again. It’s a tiring process, but I know the outcome is so worth it...and when I stand before Jesus I pray He will say "well done..." One of my favorite songs by Newsboys is "Hallelujah." When my friend Carrie and I would be coming home from a concert trip we always ended the trip listening to this song. Because after coming home from a great concert that pointed us to Jesus and bringing Him praise, it seemed fitting to end the trip with that song. There was another reason for that song, because it’s a faster woke me up a little. LOL!!! But the song really points that our goal should be to bring praise to God in our daily life...that means we need to be striving to live a life of holiness. We are not perfect, but our goal should be to honor God in EVERYTHING we do.

At the beginning of this year, I had one goal I wante to use in making decisions and choices. "To Honor God With My Actions and Attitude." I can’t count the times I have failed in this’s not something I want to keep track of...but it’s time again to set my focus...put the blinders on...and see Jesus.

Tonight’s service I cried once again. One of the lady’s in the church read a verse and poem and it just seemed exactly what I needed to hear. She had been carrying this with her for a few weeks...and I’m sure there was a REASON for her to wait. I’m thankful she did read it tonight as it went well with the service theme and was something that encouraged me along this walk.

Thank you, God for patience in my walk. Help me to see You for Who You are. Help me to bring glory to Your name in EVERYTHING that I do. Protect my friends as they walk in this path along side of me. Help them to make decisions based on Your word. Keep their testimonies in tact so their service for You is not tainted by sin. May You dwell with them and myself daily...moment by moment. Thank You Jesus...Amen!

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