Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stepping out of my comfort zone

How many of you reading this have had a dream...something you have longed to do, but were a little afraid of stepping out to make it happen. I'm in that position right at this moment. My dream is to sing...more dream is to sing Contemporary Christian Music. Why this type of music? Because I believe that God created me and gave me my talents to bring glory to His name.

Currently I'm able to do this by serving in my local church. I lead not only the choir, but also congregation in the time of worship. It's been a wonderful experience and one that allows me to be involved in two passions of mine...God and music. I also am able to sing for special music as a soloist and in the group I:43.

With American Idol on during this dream has been biting at me. But not to try out for American Idol for a couple of - I am too old and two - I would have to sing secular music. Not that all secular music is bad, but most of it doesn't give honor to God.

Since American Idol is not my thing, I have found another avenue in which to attempt this dream of mine. CATS - Christian Artist Talent Search on the INSP Network. The past several weeks have been preparing for my audition package to be sent. I began recording the two songs on March 11th, due to some illness, finally finished on March 23rd with the recording process. Ben is still to make the CD cover to be sent. I have asked my friend Ginger to help me with the biography, but as far as the singing is concerned it's completed.

So last night in church pastor was speaking from II Kings chapter 4 about the widow woman and her faith. Elisha told her to go and ask for as many pots as she could. Once she got them in her house she was told to pour the oil in them. After that was completed and all the pots were full, she was to sell them to get out of her debt and make a living for herself and her children. He was saying how faith is involved in this story. She had no idea what God's plans were for her and to humble herself to ask for those pots was part of this account. We discussed...what was she thinking while filling those pots...was she thinking, could I have humbled myself more to get even more pots...would they have been filled too? Was she scared to ask for these pots from her neighbors? How much was fear apart of her life? While more discussion was being made about faith, humility and fear, a thought came to me that sometimes, the fear of stepping out of your comfort zone to pursue something that you believe God is calling you to do can be a difficult task. God allows things to come into our life to help us along the way. Are we reading the signs?

In this process after we finished recording this thought of fear came over me. What if I'm chosen to participate in this contest? What if I'm not chosen? The interesting thing is...I know the answer to the second question. I will continue with my ministries at my local church...but that unknown territory I'm not so sure. So I ask from you that read this...please be in prayer with me about this opportunity of entering this music contest. I pray God will be glorified no matter the outcome.

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