Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Winter Jam 2008

Hi there...I'm really excited about Winter Jam 2008. It's actually coming to Huntington, WV...only about 30 minutes from where I live. This year Newsong has invited, Mercy Me, Skillet, Barlow Girl, Mandisa, Pure (something), and Group 1 Crew. I mentioned about one of the songs by Group 1 Crew in a previous blog. I really like that group and am looking forward to seeing them perform. My sister Leah is bringing her oldest son Nicholas with her. This is his first concert (my sister Leah was pregnant with him when she saw Michael W. Smith once). This is a good opportunity for him to go to a concert and see some great performers. He is starting to enjoy music, but I think my sister has got him hooked on The Hoppers (a southern gospel group).

I'm excited about getting a chance to see him at a concert. I hope he has a good time. I have been looking forward to this concert as a fun night with my friends too.

Oh...American Idol...glad it's down to the 12. I was pretty frustrated as David Archuleta had a rough night last night...but I think he's still got a good fan base to keep him there. Last night's performances I really like David Cook and Brooke White. Those were my picks based on talent. I still love David A...and believe he will continue to do well.

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marnmic said...

American Idol top 3
David A
Brooke White
David Cook
Those are our favs here at the Knipp house. We do not like the Irish girl, but can't give you a reason...we just dont' like her. We like the australian guy ok, but he's not in our top three. We liked David H, but he was bad the other night, although he really shouldn't have been voted off...bouncy blonde should have gone. She bounces with every song she sings. Ugh. We don't like her. Anyway, that's how we feel in the Knipp house.
OH and Jason wtih the dreads is from Rockwall, TX. That is right next to Greenville, TX where Mickey was for six weeks, so even though we don't like everything he does, we root for him because we know where he's from. LOL