Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Just two more work day...until Women of Faith. I think this is our fourth annual trip to the Women of Faith conference in Columbus, OH. The group of girls who travel there have a blast. Each year we have something that encourages us. Last year was an interesting year for some of us. I remember thinking that the speakers I really didn't want to hear actually were the ones that really spoke to me. And the worship time with music was when my tears were shed. This year from our church it will be Kat, Mary, Pat (Mary's mom), Sara, Ginger, Sammi and myself. We have some friends from other places joining us...but those are the ones that are considered from our church. This trip is also fun for me to look back at the beginning of my friendship with Sara. She was new to our church and a lady from the church mentioned that Sara would be interested in going with us. That year, Kat, Sara, Jessica (my cousin), and Sara shared a room. Mary and Tina were in another room with Tina's mom...but they joined us for some pool time then games and ice cream back at our hotel room. That weekend, Kat mentioned that she and I should room with Sara and Jessica because both of them are quite shy...well...we were wrong. I knew Jessica because she was my cousin and she's not as shy when you get to know her...but the surprise was Sara...that girl can talk more than me sometimes. LOL!!! Just kidding...probably not.

But that weekend was the weekend that hooked our friendship. Since then she and I have become really close friends. I call her my mini's just that a lot of people don't get to see it. But she can be herself around me and I'm so okay with it. She can tell me WAY TOO MUCH INFO...and I won't condemn her for it...because I'm the queen of TMI. LOL!! We were roommates for our trip to Mexico. I was sitting next to her during her very first flight. She did great too...I do still have circulation in my hand.

Two years ago, we developed a tradition...and I'm really excited about getting the one for this year. We go to Build-a-Bear at Easton and build our bear to remember the fun trip. The first year I really wasn't into, but that bear is my favorite of all. I named him "Michael Vaughn"...I actually sleep with him every night. He's just the outfit...just simply a bear. The second one (last year) is named "Lucas Eugene Scott". He's my favorite character on One Tree Hill. Last year I had every intention of getting one named "Nathan Royal Scott" Lucas' brother, but I have come up with a different idea for this year's bear. I'll post the results if it works out.

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