Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Just some thoughts running in my head...

Hey everybody! Not much has been happening for me to write about...I did enjoy both messages Sunday. In the morning Pastor continued with his line of thinking how sin hinders holiness, with a look at Sanctification: A Commitment to Excellance. At the end of the message he asked "am I commited to excellance?" It's a question that our lifestyle answers before we do. How are we living as Chrisians? Do we do the things of the world, yet on Sunday put our church clothes and talk a different talk? Or does our walk each day match our talk ... even on Sundays? It's very thought-provoking.

Sunday evening, he spoke from David's perspective with the question, "Is there not a cause?" David went to battle with Goliath for a cause...David was concerned with God's name, he had God's strength, and God's love with him. Pastor's references were from I Sam 17 and Psalm 8...focusing mainly on the verses from Psalm 8 to answer the question from I Sam 17 "Is there not a cuase?"

A song that was in my head while listening to the message was "Friend of God" by Israel Houghton. I love how this song begins "Who am I that you are mindful of me?" God is thinking about us. He wants a relationship with us...not because He's bored and needs company, but because He really loves His creation...and I'm apart of that creation. God loves simple that statement is, but yet has a major impact on me.

Do I live like a person that knows God loves me? I'm reading a book about weight loss..and one of the keys this guy writes is about connecting the heart and mind with this transformation about to take place. It's not a simple thing...our view of ourselves is a lot of times distorted. Six of us in my core group are working towards a weight loss journey. Some of us have different reasons why we want to get our weight off, but I think each of us have that distorted view of ourselves. I think we don't see ourselves as the lovable creation God took time in creating us.

I love Psalm 139...where David writes, "You've formed me in my mother's womb". I think about people I know who have had children. Have they considered this thought...God was forming their child. These people out there in the world who don't believe it's a baby until it's born...they have a distorted view of how God views us...this veiw has affected their reasoning for the killing of children...who were being formed by God.

I think of my niece who is about to deliver next month. God has been forming her child these past months...preparing her for the world she is about to be born into. I'm thankful my niece has an upbringing that has prepared her to teach her little girl about God and His way.

There are a lot of lies out there and those lies are what our distorted views feed from...we need to surround ourselves with the Truth. God loves us...He is the creator of all things. Praise His holy name!

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