Saturday, April 12, 2008

My review on Another Time, Another Place: Timeless Christian Classics

My new profile song is from the Avalon "Another Time, Another Place: Timeless Christian Classics." I have a feeling blog is going to make me sound so old...compared to most of my friends...but when we are honest...I am a lot older than my I'm going to go ahead and finish this crazy blog. LOL!!! This CD is sentimental to me not only because of the songs, but because this is the last CD Jody McBrayer is singing. He is definitely going to be missed.

So...These songs are the songs that I grew up listening to. The CD opens with a classic from Twila Paris "God Is In Control". This song is a great one....and updated in a way only Avalon can do. This song has a great message and has been a reminder to me of the title..."God IS in control". Praise the Lord for that!

"For The Sake of the Call" is one of Steven Curtis Chapman's hits at his prime. This song challenges us to live our lives for the sake of the call from God. Again Avalon was able to take this up a notch and give it a more contemporary feel.

"Thy Word" one of Amy Grant's big hits from the CD "Straight Ahead" one of my favorite CD's by Amy. This updated version by Avalon gives a good mix of some harmonies throughout it. Well done.

Next is the classic from Sandi Patty and Wayne Watson "Another Time, Another Place." This song takes me back to a trip I took with my sister, as we were working on singing this song together...until I was unable to get the vocal difficulty Wayne did. Wayne being a classically trained singer, is amazing on this song...for Avalon to do this song...shows their ability as vocalists as well. They did very well bringing this to a new era.

Next up is Michael English's first hit as a solo artist, "Solid As the Rock". Singing a song that was originally sung by a solo artist can be difficult to bring a new way of working the four different voices, but Avalon split the verses to feature each voice, and brings good harmonies during the chorus'.

Crystal Lewis made the classic "People Get Ready - Jesus is Coming" a hit...and I believe that I will pick Avalon's version over Crystal's 10 to 1. No offense to Crystal Lewis and her talent, but sometimes a song doesn't connect with the listener...and this is one of them for me. I never really liked this song when it was originally out, and if I were picking the songs for this CD, I probably wouldn't have picked this one...but I believe Avalon hit this one well.

Up next is one of my favorite songs, however, I think I have to pick the original version over Avalon's. offense to Avalon attempting this song, but I'm such a fan of 4Him and Kirk Sullivan's vocal rings on this song like no other. I do like the music update...but missing Kirk's voice just doesn't give it enough to suit me.

The classic "We Will Stand" by Russ Taff, was previously released on the Stand CD and features Russ as a vocalist. This one I like...Russ has an amazing voice and with the added vocals by Avalon brings this one to a another level.

Originally First Call sang "The Reason We Sing"...again this song is done by a great vocal group with tight harmonies, but Avalon was able to turn it up a notch with their tight harmonies as well. This is one of my favorites from this CD.

Wayne Watson made "Friend of a Wounded Heart" popular. I wish I had the opportunity to pick songs for this CD by Avalon, because I would have picked "I Don't Want Your Money" by Wayne. This song comes after a time I didn't listen to Wayne's music, so I'm not really familiar with this one.

My profile song is "El Shaddai." This Amy Grant hit was from the release of Age to Age...a great selling record for Amy. I love the feel of this one in the updated version. It reminds me a bit of "The Katinas."

I'm excited that Avalon chose "A Place in This World" by Michael W. Smith than maybe say, "Friends". This was a great vocal arrangement for a song originally sung by a solo artist.

The thing I most remember about my love for music in the 90's is BeBe & CeCe that they are solo artists, they made it big as a brother/sister duo. This song has a special memory for me as this song was used as a backdrop for a trip to Nebraska with my sister. Sometimes I can tell you a story about certain songs in my life and this is one of those songs. "Addictive Love" is a classic of BeBe & CeCe. This song is featured on my myspace home page as a video by the original artist...and the updated version is going to be a special one to me too.

Steve Green originally recorded "People Need The Lord." This song is a great reminder of how ripe the fields are for us Christians to be spreading the Word about Jesus...because people do need the Lord in their lives. Avalon sings this in a way that brings this classic to a contemporary level.

Closing out the CD, Avalon chose to recreate one of their own classics...which again is a good one..."Testify To Love" updated is good...because the original features Michael Passions the original guy from Avalon...but the new one has Greg Long singing Michael's part. Greg has made the transition into Avalon as smooth as can be.

I really have enjoyed listening to some songs of my past...and hope you will get the opportunity to pick up your copy and be introduced to some great classic songs of Christian music.

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