Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Women of Faith (Part 2)

A very nice surprise at the conference on Friday night was the fact that Anita Renfroe was there. She did a small comedy sketch and then sang her new song…a parody of Carrie Underwood's "Think Before He Cheats" as "Think Before I Eat."

Saturday morning, we got there in plenty of time to begin with the worship team. The first speaker was Pasty Clairmont. I just love her. She had a silver jacket (looked like a baked potato to me). She's so funny. She talked about losing our words…and how there was a woman in the Bible who had lost her words too. Pasty reminded us that if we need something to ask. It's a simple thing, but if others don't know how they can help…help may not come.

After a small break, we had the privilege of hearing Sandi Patty. I have to say when I first heard Sandi would be one of the speakers I wasn’t looking forward to it, but when I saw the title of her book, I knew I would get something from her lesson. She has written a book entitled "Layers." She tells how she began to put on layers to hide what she was facing. She talked about an incident that happened when she was just 6 years old. This incident caused a choice to be stolen from her…with the absence of the choice, damage caused trust issues. The way we build trust is by the ability to make choices. When our choices are taken away from us…it becomes harder for us to build trust. She also talked about her wonderful godly father…who has been stopping by her house each day. As he leaves he tells her he loves her and that she is beautiful. One of the times after reading her book, he stopped at the door and said, "I know you see the little 6 year old girl who has a lot of issues and situations that have caused layers to be covering who she really is, but what I see is the beautiful 5 year old." What a wonderful thing for her daddy to say to her. He may not have understood what she had been through, but God gave him the words to say to encourage his daughter.

The lunch break came and Mary and I made our way to the meeting for "Revolve Tour." It was informative, but a little long. We barely made it back for the concert given by Natalie, but we did make it.

Natalie was amazing as always. I really enjoyed hearing some of the new songs, but I was a little disappointed that she didn't sing my two favorite songs from the new CD ("I Will Not Be Moved" or "Make A Way")…both of these songs are my favorites, but she did sing "In Better Hands"…which is good. I think one of my favorites she did sing was a cappella "I'd Rather Have Jesus." I love that hymn and she did amazing singing it.

After the concert it was time for Marilyn MeBerg. Normally, I really enjoy listening to Marilyn, but this year was hard, because my eyes got heavy and I was in much need of a nap. She did talk about some things I was able to process.

Finally it was Luci's turn…Luci is my most favorite Women of Faith speaker. She is so much fun and this year she was even funnier. I was sadden by some news that Luci will be taking things slower from this point...meaning she may not be at all of the Women of Faith functions. This year she was very encouraging. One of her statements that hit me was "our problem is we measure our strength against the problem or trial we are facing and not against God's strength." On our church sign I have put "With GOD all things are possible." That statement has really impacted me this week...especially after hearing that statement from Luci. God does not ask me to understand what He's doing in my life...He simply asks me to trust Him.

I shared tonight at church that thought of just trusting Him. One of my favorite ways described to me about trusting is is simply laying in a hammock. You can't move when you are in a hammock or you will fall out...but if you totally get in it and allow the hammock to cradle your body you are secure. Lay your life in Jesus' hands. He has definitely proved Himself trustworthy to me...and I'm finding that there are many more areas He wants to use this lesson in my life. I pray I will be able to continue to just lay and allow Him to use me to bring glory to His name.

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