Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Well...this past weekend was my fourth annual trip to Women of Faith...I have actually been a total of 6 times, but since 2005, we have not missed a conference. This year's theme was "Infinite Grace." I knew I was going to get something out of the conference with all the craziness life was causing before we even left. Each of us had something to cause us to take note and begin praying specifically for our trip there and the conference itself.

We met up at Kat's house around 7ish...I was a little late, but they didn't leave without me. I had forgotten my medication and eye drops (sorry Ginger and Mary...but I didn't remember them until when I got back on Saturday night). I knew I had forgotten my medication for blood pressure and vitamins though before we left Kat's house.

We stopped at Bob Evans to eat breakfast...It was really good and held us over until lunch late in the afternoon. It rained as we traveled part of the way, but by the time we got to Easton the sun was shining and we were ready to trek our way through some good deals. We stopped at Build-a-Bear for our third annual bear making tradition. When I got there I checked for the outfit I wanted, but they said I could only get it online. My plan was to name my bear "David the Cook" after my favorite American Idol singer David Cook...but without the chef's outfit...it's not as cute...as I looked around the store, I did notice an electric guitar...so I purchased it as well. We got up to the register and Sara saw these cute little shirts with dinosaur on them. Our theme this year for VBS is "Digging for God's Truth" but the theme of dinosaurs are part of it. Well...Sara says...you need to buy this for David the Cook and if you go to Charlotte during VBS it can remind you to pray for VBS. I have a paper that I have filled out that states I'll be a prayer warrior for VBS this year...as there is a chance I may not be in town for the week of VBS. Well...I bought it as it was on sale.

After our adventure at Build-a-Bear we went in search for food...as we were all hungry. So we made our way to Brio Tuscan Grille...pretty good food too. We were ready to head to the hotel after a few more shops were hit. With construction though we didn't get to the hotel as soon as we'd hoped. We had just enough time to quickly put our stuff away and get freshened up just a bit.

We headed to the arena...and one of the parking garages didn't have the sign as low as they should have...we almost got stuck...but we did make it out of there.

The first night of the conference Sheila Walsh spoke. Her new book was entitled "Get off Your Knees and Pray". There are times we do need to pray on our knees...but prayer should be who we are. She mentioned "I took prayer off my to do list and make it who I am". The Bible states we are to be praying without ceasing...and it really should be practiced like breathing. *Side note...this morning I was coming in and out of sleep state, but I was noticing that I was praying when I was coming out of sleep. I was comforted this morning as I was praying for different people in my life. This prayer time was comforting to me as well...because I was placing those things into God's hands to work...not stressing about them myself.

Friday night Nicole C. Mullen performed in concert. She did amazing. She sang my FAVORITE song "One Touch (Press)". It was very good. I think my friends are going to work with me to do the drama with the song the next time I sing it.

As they were closing...Mary asked me if I wanted to go ahead and see about talking with Natalie and Nicole...and I said yes...we headed out of the arena and was able to find Natalie first...after seeing her we were in search of Nicole...by the time we got to Nicole...they had closed the line off...we still stood around for a bit, but we didn't get to meet up with her.

As we were walking out to the van...it was very crowded...so to waste some time we took some pictures...

Another tradition we have is to order pizza and have it delivered to the hotel and eat something before bed....well...it was interesting this time...the delivery guy was WEIRD...very. But we did get our pizza and we watched a movie with the Rock in it...wow! What a combination...pizza and the Rock...two of my favorite things. LOL!!! During the movie a commercial came on and Kat just got the giggles. She began laughing and we thought she was going to spray pop all over the place...it was quite the funny scene

We all went to bed after midnight...We all got up and Kat and Momma Pat went to get our breakfast. After that we got things packed up and left for the arena.

Saturday was even better...I'll finish it later because I need to close this blog out before I head back to lunch.

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