Thursday, May 29, 2008

C.A.T.S. update...

I wrote a few months back about a step I was taking out of my comfort zone. It was to submit an audition packet to C.A.T.S. I received a letter this week stating the network would be discontinuing the show. It is disappointing, but I traveled on this unknown path with the statement "it's in God's hands now..." just trusting that God was in control of this matter. I'm thankful for the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and finally submit something for review.

Below is the statement released on the website.

After much prayer and soul-searching, a decision has been made to discontinue C.A.T.S.

This has been difficult for all of us involved in this project. C.A.T.S. was born more than six years ago out of a conviction that many outstanding Christian artists deserved more widespread recognition. Throughout these years, we have heard and seen performances by hundreds of artists. It has been a joy to witness their testimonies and share their talents with a nationwide television audience.

We wish that this project could go on indefinitely. But we also live in a world of change. As you know from watching television, programs are cancelled every week; new programs are introduced. No program lasts forever. We are blessed with an abundance of programming ideas, and it was felt that we simply had to move on. While we are excited about the new projects coming our way, we truly are sad about closing the book on C.A.T.S.

We understand completely if this disappoints you; we share in that disappointment. We have been in prayer that God would help you understand this decision, and bless your desire to use your talent to honor Him. We also would ask you to pray for us.

Thanks for your prayers in this matter, and for the encouraging words and support that has been expressed.

I'll still be singing on a smaller scale. I'm thankful to have opportunities to use the talent God has given me in my local church...and that my church family supports me in my areas of ministry.

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marnmic said...

Sorry to hear about this competition. I know you were excited about it. The Lord knows...