Tuesday, May 13, 2008


My mom called me today while I was at work...this is unusual for her as she does not like bugging me while at work (unless she's returning a call)...but since I hadn't called her, I was a little concerned. Come to find out she was just getting home from taking my dad to the ER. They have diagnosed him with Bell's Palsy. Me being the curious one...went online to see what this is exactly. It is "a condition that causes the facial muscles to weaken or become paralyzed. It's caused by trauma to the 7th cranial nerve, and is not permanent." I continued reading as I was not too concerned with what it was, but came across something interesting from the article. This article gave a warning sign of Bell's Palsy "may be neck pain, or pain in or behind the ear prior to palsy, but it is not usually recognized in first-time cases." The interesting thing is my dad has had this before...and for the last few weeks he has complained of neck pain and behind the ear. At first they thought it was an ear infection, and last week they said it was something else (that I can't spell...but basically means inflammation of the nerve endings in the neck).

This morning after he shaved they noticed the side of his face was droopy, so mom headed him to the ER to be checked out.

I'm thankful to finally know what is wrong and am thankful that God has watched over him these last several weeks.

Tonight I made an appearance at my nephew's kindergarten graduation. He was adorable. I'm amazed he's growing up so quickly. I have a nephew who will be 5 next week. It just seems like time flies by so quickly. I was glad I was able to work my schedule to be able to attend since my parents were unable to. They wish they could have been there, but it's understandable with this new development.

Looking forward to hump day tomorrow...it would be nice if Friday were already here, because it would be even closer to my birthday...weird that I'm excited about that day...usually the older you get the more you are willing to let them slip by without acknowledgement, but I'm really thankful that God allows me to live each day.

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