Saturday, May 31, 2008

Crazy week

Hey's been a crazy week for me. Last Thursday I had taken my momma to the hospital for her kidney stone. She had surgery and got out that same day. Thursday night my brother and his family came to visit. I took Friday off, and then Saturday and Sunday were my normal days off. Saturday I did clean the church and then went to the movies with my niece, nephew, brother and brother-in-law. It was a fun time, but horrible movie.

Sunday was a good day just because it was church and stuff. Sunday night I went to church at my parents' church. My brother played the piano for my sister Becky to sing and then he played for me to sing a Casting Crowns song. Then my nephew played a song he wrote on guitar. I sang two more songs "Life Is Hard" and "One Touch"...after church we had Giovanni's Pizza for the third time that weekend.

Monday was the Memorial Day Parade. When I got home from the parade, momma wasn't feeling well, so I took her to the hospital. Tonda - my sister-in-law - came by to stay with my dad. I stayed at the hospital until 8pm...they had just moved my mom to her room. I went home to help daddy with his nightly routine.

Tuesday morning, I went to work and had packed for my trip to Lexington for Secretaries Conference. It's an annual conference for secretaries with my company to get together and take classes, and just have fun being out of the office for a few days. My brother-in-law Mike T came by to stay with my daddy that night. He was going to take my dad to the doctor on Wednesday, but my dad canceled that appointment. My mom got out of the hospital on Wednesday night. I came home on Thursday afternoon. It was a good conference. I enjoyed myself ... even though I wanted to be at home with mom and dad.

Thursday night I spent in my own bed...that was nice, however, the bed at the hotel was really good.

Today I went to work was weird trying to get back to normal again. After work was over, I met up with Ginger and Kat for dinner. After dinner, I had to run back home to get my hair color for Mary to do tonight. We watched "Becoming Jane" a very sad movie. Then we watched the first Indiana Jones movie.

Today I went to Wal-mart and bought Tobymac's new cd/dvd. It came out on my birthday, but I wasn't able to get it then. I also got Chris Sligh's new CD...he's really good. I bought a present for my friend Ginger's birthday tomorrow. My friends and I are celebrating her birthday on Saturday and my birthday on Sunday.

I'm ready to close the chapter of the birthday celebration. I'm still enjoying the days because every day that God gives me I want to enjoy it...but it's time to stop dragging out the celebration part of it.

Well...I'm going to close for's getting late/early on Saturday. I'm going to have to clean the church tomorrow morning...then stop by and to check in with my parents and then I'm going out to eat with the girls...

Until next time...

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