Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fun, fun, fun...

I so much enjoy when I get to spend time with my brothers and most of them live pretty far away. This weekend my brother David, his wife Susan and their kids Micah and Karis have come to visit. Yesterday, we spent the morning just hanging out at the house. My brother David mowed the grass, while I used the weed eater...I think David is great at mowing the grass, because I didn't have to weed eat much. In the late afternoon, Susan wanted to let mom and dad rest, so she headed to South Point with me and the kids. I had to get some stuff for the church. We got finished and ordered Giovanni's Pizza for the favorite food. After we ate, Micah and Karis went with me to church to take the stuff I bought there and then we headed over to the mall...which I didn't realize closed at 9 and not 10...crazy!!! After that we went to get gas in my dad's car...That morning I saw it as high as $4.19 (at the station near my house), but I ended up getting it in Ashland for $3.85 at Kroger's in Ashland...I love how Kroger's will add extra cents off if you shop there and spend so much money...I got 10 cents off...YEAH!!!

Karis and I watched a little bit of One Tree Hill, before I fell asleep. Today I'll be cleaning the church for tomorrow...and then we will probably go to the movies with my brother-in-law Mike T.

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