Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day...

Today was the 140th annual Ironton Memorial Day Parade. This is a major event for the town of Ironton, OH. The parade route runs right in front of the church...which allows our church to reach out into the community. Each year, our restrooms have been opened to the public and several years we have served food for the church people. Last year, we have began to serve hot dogs, chips, and drink for free with any donations going to Two Hearts Pregnancy Center. Both years we have ran out of food. I believe more will need to be made next year.

The parade itself is 12 divisions. It last about 2 to 3 hours. One of the things I really enjoy is watching those veterans in the crowd stand and salute those in the parade...and those in the parade saluting back, and even taking time to walk over and shake a hand of a veteran for his service. Misty eyed I continue to watch this amazing celebration of patriotism.

Last year, my dad was able to sit on our church float. Again, I was amazed at the response of those who said "thank you" to my dad for the service he did in the military.

I enjoy being in a community that celebrates our soldiers and veterans for what they do for our freedom.

I'd like to end with a thank you as well.

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