Monday, May 26, 2008

My momma...

Hey there...just wanted to let you all know I took my mom to the hospital again this afternoon. She was having pain similar to the pain she had last Thursday when she had a kidney stone. The ER doctor confirmed she had another stone tonight. They have admitted her and will be having the doctor who performed the procedure to get the stone to review her chart tomorrow. Please be praying for her.

When she got to her room, I came home to relieve my sister-in-law. She was here with my dad while I was with my mom.

I'm supposed to leave for a trip with work tomorrow night. As of right now the trip is still on, but things may change depending on how it goes tomorrow. I'm preparing to go on the trip, but I'll let you all know what I end up doing (however, it may be until I get back, as the internet access at the hotel doesn't allow any myspace posting.)

Thanks for your prayers in advance.

Until next time...

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