Monday, May 19, 2008

Some finales this week...

Hey there...I'm really excited..."I LOVE DAVID COOK!" There are a lot of finales this week. Tonight is the season finale of my VERY favorite show One Tree Hill. Tomorrow night is the final performances for American Idol...and then Wednesday the 7th Season winner will be announced...I'm really pushing for David Cook. I just want to state this..."I LOVE DAVID COOK!"

House MD's finale is tonight as well...but since it's on the same time as my FAVORITE show...I'll not be watching. I LOVE DAVID COOK! I've also heard that some people are looking forward to the finale of Grey's Anatomy (a show I personally don't watch...I think it was because it first took the time slot of another favorite show, and I was boycotting it...but now that show is finished, and I just don't feel like getting into Grey's now).

I think that's all for now with finales...Just for the record "I LOVE DAVID COOK!"

ROCK THE VOTE in American Idol!!! MUST vote...or attempt to vote. David Cook will not win if everyone who wants him to win doesn't vote. Things happen sometimes and depending on other people to do it will not get him voted as the winner.

A few years ago Daughtry was a possible winner of that season, but people didn't vote and caused him to be in the bottom that week...and actually going home. The interesting thing is it did work out for him in the long run. I mean his career is probably better than if he was the actual winner...but if you are in the finale...and you are as good as DAVID COOK...then you deserve to win...VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! And if I didn't mention it before...I LOVE DAVID COOK...and I'll be voting for him in the finale. Just one more day until then. Good thing I can pass the time tonight with One Tree Hill. Lucas has a mohawk...YEAH!!!

Until next time...

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Anonymous said...

I believe I understand that you love David Cook. I want the other David to win. He reminds me of my grandsons. Mama