Monday, June 23, 2008

A picture from Friday night's reunion...

Hi there again...One of the classmates with a camera on Friday night took this picture of me. I really thought it turned out well and thought I'd post it...since I finally have learned how to post pictures on this blog.

Today when I got home from work there were many emails from classmates expressing the great time they had both nights. I really am glad that I was able to attend both days. It's so funny how nerves and the fear of the unknown can really mess a person up. What is really funny is I felt the same way when the 10 year reunion was planned...I didn't want to go, but thought I'd go for a little while, and ended up staying until the end of the evening.

The reunion took up the most of the weekend...but Sunday it was back to normal. Church services were good...I wore the dress I bought for the reunion and has many compliments on it. My friends Kat, Mary and Sara also dressed up...three of us in black, and Mary displaying a mixture of both black and white. I didn't think to take a picture with the camera. Us girls are thinking of planning a night to do a nice dinner out and dress up for it. I wonder if we can get Ben, Dave and Steve to go too. It's going to be hard to get Steve and Ben dressed up...Dave usually dresses up a least for church services when he's preaching and stuff.

It was back to work today...and Joyce was back too...YEAH!! She had a good time at the quilt show...and showed me pictures of it. I was glad to see them. She took one that had penguins on it. She said that when she saw it she thought of me...and just had to take a picture. YEAH, ME!!

Tomorrow night is going to be working on decorations for VBS. I think the dinosaur is coming along well...I may posts some pictures of it. His name is Fred...he still has a ways to go, but I think he's going to be really good when he's completed.

Well...that's about all for now...I've got to go get some clothes put is visiting this week/weekend and I need to find the floor again. LOL!!!

Until next time...


marnmic said...

20 years huh! Pretty wild. So how was everyone? See anyone I remember? I like the pic, but what is on or behind your head? Did you post any pics on Facebook?

Rianne said...

Good words.