Thursday, June 05, 2008

Praise You In The Storm

The past few days has brought a new term to this phrase. The song by Casting Crowns has been in my head for the past few days because my friend Sammi sang it on Sunday morning. This song is a favorite of my friends because we each have been able to relate to it. Another song with a similar message is "Bring the Rain" by Mercy Me (sung by Mary Ferguson at my church).

Anyway...Storms rolled in on Tuesday and Wednesday. The storm on Tuesday didn't seem as bad as the ones Wednesdays storm. We were watching it roll in while I was at work. The sky looked very frightful, but there I was standing at the door frame with the door opened watching the clouds move quickly over the area. Thankfully I had sense enough to head inside when the rain began. The lady in the office next to us was watching it with me and I looked down the street and about two blocks from us we could tell it was raining, and then we saw it coming. I have seen that once before...and it really amazes me how God can allow rain to fall on one place and not another.

Anyway...last night we were sitting at church, and my friend heard this noise and asked "what's that noise?" I said, "oh no, it's the leak." So I ran back to the fellowship hall to get the trash can, then I endedup having to get another one for a new leak found. Our church is an older building and has a lot of character. When Pastor began the service, my mind had been thinking about songs to sing. I had "Rock of Ages" in my head, but it seemed to not fit my I looked in the back for something else, and came upon "Sunshine in my Soul". I thought it was a good twist for us to sing about sunshine, when it was storming outside. Right before we began to sing, it sounded like hail outside. After church was over and I had taken the trash to the alley, I was heading back in the church and heard another round of rain begin at the beginning of the street...I began running to the back door...and almost didn't make it before it was really pouring. There were some who were still talking, so Pastor and I made rounds around the church to access any other leaks. We found one in the office area and in the kitchen...both from windows that have been fixed. I pray the windows they just covered in the fellowship hall will be okay now...It would be horrible for a leak to come through now that we have covered the windows.

So back to the "Praise You in the storm"...Working for an insurance company after a storm can be crazy. I walked in the office this morning and had three people waiting for me to call them back to report damage for claims, and one in the office. While I was working with that person in the office, I answered the phone and had to take the customers' name and number as it was another claim. I was the only one in the office that knew how to do claims. My normal co-worker was working in the main office this morning. So I began entering the claim in the system. As I was finishing up with her, I had another person come in to report a claim.

Now I could have looked at this situation as something to get me frustrated and worked up, but I could look at it as a way to help our clients by reporting the damages to the claims center and trying to help them access the damages. People seemed to be understanding with me calling them back to report the claim, instead of being frustrated that I wouldn't do it when they called, but I thought it would be best to work the claims the way they came in...and if a person was standing in front of me then they would get service as well. Bryan, Crystal, Michele and I have been talking about the importance of customer service...make people know they are important to our company...let them know we want to hear about not only the claims, but also the good things too. Be helpful and attentive to each client. I have noticed that I like my job when I'm able to see that I'm being helpful and appreciated, than when I think it's crazy and frustrating.

So my attitude this morning was to Praise God in the storm. Not the "literal" storm that had just passed over, but the affects of the storm, causing waves in my day. It ended up being a GREAT day for me. My friend Ben put my new car stereo that my friends got me for my birthday in. It sounds great. I am really excited about taking cd's with me tomorrow to work so I can listen to them on the way to work. Even though the commute is short, it's still fun to be able to have the option of listening to cd's too.

Well...that's all for now. Hope you all praise God through the storms of your life. He is definitely worthy of our praise.

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