Sunday, June 01, 2008

The weekend...'s been pretty crazy the past two weeks...I hope to be able to get back to normal...whatever that is, right? Actually I have a feeling this past weekend is just a taste for what is to come for the next 7 weeks. VBS is fast approaching in July (13th - 18th)...I believe we will begin working each week (hopefully) to get projects done so we won't be rushing to finish everything a week before like normal (did I just say something about getting back to normal though...LOL)

Anyway, Saturday morning, I woke up on Kat's love seat...I chose that to sleep on, since Mary was sleeping on the couch. I slept with my headphones hooked up to my ipod...but I don't remember any songs throughout the night.

Kat made breakfast for us to celebrate the beginning of Ginger's birthday. After breakfast, I went to clean church and then headed home to rest a little. I took my time showering and changing for dinner to celebrate Ginger's birthday...she chose Cheddars. Good food, bad service (sorta). It was crazy that night...we were trying to post-pone it so Ben could meet up with us, but he was on a bus that he was unable to he ended up not being able to go. Ginger seemed to have a good night. After dinner some of them went to the movies, but I came home as I wanted to check with with my parents to see how they were doing.

I woke up this morning, and rolled over to see the was after 7 and I thought "wow! I get to sleep in since it's Saturday." so I rolled back over, and then realized it wasn't Saturday, but Sunday...It was after 8 before I got out of bed, and I began to run even was horrible...I finally got to church around 9ish. Sammi sang for special music..."Praise You In the Storm"...she did a good job.

After church was over, my friends got together (minus D33) to celebrate my birthday. I know it's about 5 days late, but with family visiting and my trip to Lexington, this was the first time to be able to celebrate. I chose Red Lobster. It was great food and great service. We had two waiters and they both seemed to have things under control. I got a great dessert too...a cookie that they put a candle on...I could have done without Ben's comment about it not having enough candles on it. LOL!!!

My friends chipped in and bought me a car stereo. I had mentioned a while back that my car CD player was broken and Ben thought "that's not good...especially for DeeJay". I told him it wasn't a problem, since my cassette player still works...I plug my ipod into a cassette adapter and am able to listen to the ipod through the stereo speakers. He still thought I should have a CD player, so they all chipped in and bought me one...with a usb port...which I can plug my ipod into... Did I say I have a great group of friends? I love each of them...and am thankful to God in bringing each of them in my life.

Tonight's message was really good. It was "Encouraging the Faithful Servants" of pastor's points was how God brings Christian friendships into our life to encourage us. I said "amen" to that. He also talked about the "Word of God" being an encouragement to us. It's been really good hearing the messages and seeing how I can apply them in my daily walk. I really believe God is doing some major behind the scenes work for something in my life...I'm not sure what it is exactly, but I feel it's coming...whatever it is. I'm praying that I'll be ready for whatever it is.

After church we had a semi-long choir practice. We were going over songs for the next two weeks...but we decided to have another choir practice next week anyway for the following week since we have a VBS meeting that night.

Well...that's all for now...tomorrow is a work day...yuck! I guess it's back to normal for me. LOL!!! Oh...I am called to report for jury duty...not really sure if I really want to do pray for me.

Until next time...

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