Sunday, July 27, 2008

5 stones....

This morning in Sunday school class we finished our last lesson in "Facing Your Giants" by Max Lucado. This lesson was an application of all we had learned in the previous lessons. I thought I'd share it in my blog.

There was a list of five things to remember when facing your giants...and you can remember them from your fingers on one hand.

Your thumb is to remember the stone of the past. Remembering the triumphs God has done in the past will help us know that He can handle anything.

Your pointer finger is for the stone of prayer. It is clear that is the way we speak to we need to talk to Him about what we are facing and ask Him for guidance.

Your tall finger stands for the stone of highest priority. God is to be our highest priority. As long as we remember to look to Him in all things we will win...and our giants will tumble. The main Max Quote is: "Focusing on Giants, you will stumble; Focusing on God, your giants will tumble."

Your ring finger stands for the stone of passion. When we face our giant we are to do so with a passionate heart. When David began his fight with Goliath...he ran toward Goliath, not away. He knew God would do it.

The pinky finger stands for the stone of persistence. David chose 5 stones when he was going to battle with Goliath...not because he was preparing himself in case he missed. He was getting one for Goliath and four stones for each brother. When we are faced with a giant, sometimes we are faced with others ones right after the one before us...we need to be prepared to face the brothers too. There needs to be a persistence in our fight.

It was a really good lesson and I know I'll be facing some giants in the future. God was, is and always will be...

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