Friday, July 04, 2008

Countdown to DinoDectives...

9 days until our VBS DinoDectives...Digging for God's Truth. Last night we had another work night. We met after 6...we had some delays. Kat, Mary, and Ginger were planning to eat at a restaurant close to the church. Sara had to go to the hospital to visit her grandma, and Cheryl was just coming back from visiting her mother-in-law at the hospital. Well...I had planned to eat pizza at the church, so I ordered my pizza. On the way to church, Ginger had a wreck on the bridge. Kat called Mary at her office (she was just leaving then) and mentioned she may want to take an alternate route. Dinner plans had changed from there, so I went to get my pizza with Kat and she went to Buffalo Wild Wings, and the Dollar Tree. While Kat was getting her food, Mary called to see if I could order her pizza from Pizza Hut, so I took care of that for her. We got back to the house and Ginger had finally made it...a little shaken up, but she wasn't hurt...PTL!! Sara made it, and Mary finally made it with her food. Cheryl made it and we were finishing up our eating.

While the volcano was constructed by Mary and Kat, Sara and Ginger finished up the registration signs. Our A/C was out in the house where we have been working, so we moved to the fellowship hall. Still a little dusty back there, but we were able to get some painting done too. Mary hung the paper for under the rock wall, and then hung the water fall. I was painting the rock wall while she got that part hung. I started working on the greenery side of the sanctuary while the other three got to working on how to get the dinosaur to stay in the baptistery.

We actually left by 12:30...YEAH!! I think we should be able to finish up earlier on Saturday...I hope. Next week we should be able to work on the rooms for upstairs, and hopefully next Saturday work on the fellowship hall since the floor will hopefully be done by then.

That's all for now. As soon as I get some pictures of the sanctuary I'll post them. I'm excited about this VBS. I think it's going to be great this year!!!

Until next time...

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