Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is it over yet???

Wow! I'm completely worn out. Tonight we had another work night for VBS decorations and also cleaning things up night. We are in the midst of renovations in the fellowship hall/kitchen/office area. It's been a nightmare actually. Tonight we got some more things done with the decorations. I still have some more stuff to do in the front area. Mary, Ginger, Sara worked on getting the Registration area decorated. Kat hung signs and helped with the registration area. I cleaned some in the back...painted signs and will finish the rock (part of the volcano) Saturday...the paint had to dry. Saturday we are going to be pretty busy. Ginger and I will be getting up early to go shopping at Sam's. Depending on what time we get finished there, we may head to church and then to Wal-mart. Either way we will be shopping at both Sam's and Wal-mart.

Later that afternoon we are meeting up to celebrate D33's birthday. We are going to dinner and movie. YEAH!!

Sunday evening we begin VBS. I'll probably grab something to eat at church and then head back to church to get anything else ready before we begin at 6:15. Man I can't believe it's finally here.

Tonight we found out what next years theme may be...if we do it...we are already thinking of ideas to do with the decorations.

Well...I'm ready to's getting close to my bedtime...actually past it. Thankfully I know what I'm wearing tomorrow morning. I think I may iron my shirt...but then again...maybe I'll get up and iron it. Too bad my sister-in-law isn't here...she offered to iron my shirt when she I do miss her. LOL!!!

Until next time...

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