Monday, July 07, 2008

No completed pictures yet...

Sorry for not having any pictures of the final mural at the front of the sanctuary yet. My friend Kat hasn't posted them on the internet for me to steal yet. LOL!!! We had hoped to get finished way before we did, but of course, as always things got re-constructed at the last minute.

We met around 10...most of us were late. I was late because I needed to pick up my medication for my blood pressure. I had ordered it in plenty of time, but kept forgetting to pick it up...that's what happens to me when working in Greenup...I'm not close to Ashland, and by the time I get to the Russell bridge, I'm ready to just head over to Ironton and get home.

Anyway...we all got there, and began working again on what we were doing when we left from Thursday night/Friday morning. We broke for lunch at Toro Loco, then headed back to continue to work. We began running out of green tissue paper, so we thought we may want to get some more elsewhere, but everywhere in Ironton was out. I don't know if we will have enough for the rest of the stuff we need to do...we may have to run to another area to find some.

Let's see we broke for dinner I'm not sure what time...but we came back after dinner to finish our idea for the waterfall...the original idea didn't really go with the rest of the wall, so we had to re-vamp...and re-construct. I'm not allow to say what time we stay til, but it wasn't as late as last year. LOL!!! It was 3 in the morning on Sunday morning last year.

I will say that Sunday morning, I didn't do well with leading any of the songs...and I had special music, which thankfully I didn't mess up on...but the rest of the songs, man I messed up words and everything...the invitation song I didn't even know ... except for the chorus. I did make it through...and decided to go home and nap instead of going to a movie that afternoon. I was glad for the nap, because I felt more refreshed leading the music.

Well...I hope to get some pictures before the end of the week. So you all can see the "finish" product. We begin our Vacation Bible School Sunday night at 6:15 pm. This is our first year to begin on Sunday, we will finish on Thurday with a program and carnival on Friday. Clean-up will be Saturday and a lot of help...Hopefully!

Until next time...

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