Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday Night Bible Study

It feels good to be back to normal. Things have been pretty crazy at my church. For about the past month to two months we have been meeting in the Sanctuary on Wednesday nights for Bible Study. There's something about meeting in the fellowship hall that makes it more comfortable. No coffee yet...please be in prayer as I look for a cord for the coffee pot. During the renovations the cord has been lost.

Anyway, back to the Bible study. For the past several weeks Pastor has been teaching about the life of Elisha. It's been very interesting. I think my favorite lesson from his life is with the "Great women of Shunem" (II Kings 4:8-37) Two amazing miracles with that women. So we are now closing this study on Elisha so the passage tonight was from II Kings 13:14-21. This is the account where Elisha tells King Joash to take a bow and arrows and use them. The king only used three arrows and Elisha was very upset telling King Joash he should have smite five or six times. Elisha dies after this, but another miracle will happen. These men are burying a man, and they throw him in the sepulchre of Elisha. The man stood up to his feet after he touched the dry bones of Elisha. Sweet! He was such a man of God he was still being used to heal people even after his death.

So pastor brought this to application in today's terms. Our lives are to be used for God's service. How many arrows are we using that God has given us? Are we using them all, or just a few? When we get to heaven will God have the opportunity to tell us we should have used more of our talents for His service...or are we using everything that God has given us? Will our testimony be one that lives beyond our earthly life. Think of great preachers like D James Kennedy, Jerry Falwell, and Dr. Adrian Rogers (who you are still able to hear on the radio and internet). These men lived a life that is able to still touch peoples lives.

Is my life being lived in a way that when I pass to Heaven that people will still be able to be reached for Jesus?

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