Thursday, August 21, 2008

Memory Lane with friends...

Okay...First up, if your name is not on the list with a memory it is not because I don't consider you a friend. I have chosen the friends in this blog for two reasons...the first is these are the friends who I see on a regular basis when I speak about "the gang"...these are the people I'm referring to and two friends that are impacting my life. The gang has grown a lot this last year, and some of these memories are really recent, but I have enjoyed every bit of it. I will be sharing these memories in alphabet I don't want to hurt anyones feelings for not being first on the list. Here we go...

Ben (our leader). Ben is the Sunday school class teacher for the young adults. I have known Ben since he was 2 years old. I have some odd memories of him...babysitting is one of them, and hitting the side of the bridge is another one. But I think my favorite memory of him was when he and Kat (his wife) joined Gateway Baptist Church. I had been out of town the week prior to them joining and the day I was back, they came forward. I had been praying about them joining for a couple of months and they actually waited an extra week so I could see it.

Carrie (college roommate). Carrie and I have had our ups and downs in our friendship. She and I were college roommates for one year. We lost touch after she ended her education, but met up again at a Geoff Moore Concert in Russell, KY. I think that is a very special memory of mine with her...that concert as well as many others we used to spend our weekends attending. More recently Carrie and I have become accountability partners. We have been meeting on Tuesdays with another friend (who will will appear later in the blog) for a Bible Study. It has been a really good time together. We are able to pray for each other, and study God's word.

Dave (my best friend). Dave, or D33 has been a friend since my first year at Southland Bible Institute. Like Carrie's friendship, D33 and I have lost touch after I left school, but we always seemed to be able to pick up where our friendship was left off. When I think of special memories with D33 I really think of the funniest one. He met my family at the park in Ashland. I was taking my two younger nephews on different play areas to let them run some energy off and he came along with me. This other little kid came up to our merry-go-round and wanted to get on too. It had rained earlier and there was a few mud puddles, so D33 decided to push him on the merry-go-round alone. I had my two nephews with me and as I walked away, I heard something. I turned around and D33 is picking up this kid (who had just fallen off the merry-go-round in the mud puddle). The sight was hilarious. He put him to the side and said, "go over there and roll in the grass to get the mud off you." I still laugh when I think about that scene happening. So funny.

Ginger (my Gigi)...Gigi is an amazing girl. I can't believe I have only began getting to know her a little over a year. She and I met last year during Women of Faith, but we didn't really start hanging out until later last year. Gigi and I have a lot in common. We are both in our 30's...she's a few years behind me. We both are waiting on God's best in a mate. She took care of her parents when their health began to worsen. We both love to talk and encourage people. I think my favorite memory with her are the times she and I have been able to just sit and talk and not worry about other things happening. During our Women of Faith trip last year, we talked quite a bit. Gigi is very wise and watches circumstances and possibly has the gift of discernment. I love the times she just lets loose and enjoys the moment she is living in. I also enjoyed going to "Why Did I Get Married?" by Tyler Perry. It's fun to go watch a chick flick with a friend and she's a fun person to watch them with...especially since she doesn't mind my appreciate God's creation. Her niece Taylor has been fun to get to know too. She's such a sweet girl...and very smart.

Kat (the event planner). Kat is our event coordinator. She is the host of the parties usually, since they are always at her house. LOL!!! She and I spend a lot of time getting the house ready for company and enjoying the talks about crazy stuff or just weird stuff. I think one of my favorite memories with Kat is a tradition we started our first year celebrating our "Thanksgiving with Friends" dinner. I would go over to her house early and bring cappuccino and we would sit on the couch for a few mintues to wake up. I would begin washing the turkey while she would get the pan ready to bake him. She picks the name of the turkey and then we get him in the oven to bake. While he's baking we get the house ready for the dinner later that evening. It's such a fun time and we are usually jamming to tunes and getting into the spirit of things.

Kim (my "blonde" friend). Kim has several blonde moments. She is so funny and it's been really good getting with her for Bible Study on Tuesday nights. Kim has no cooking skills and her husband has been very helpful getting the pizzas ready for our dinner. My favorite memory of Kim has been the times we would go to concerts. She's such a kid and gets really excited about seeing the "famous" people. It's hilarious. Kim and I have had the privledge of working at two different companies together. Seeing her grow in her walk with Christ has been special to me too.

Mary (my drama queen, but not in a bad way). She can make me laugh when she gets into character. She's very talented. Mary has also been a girl who confronts me with the truth when I need it. She and I are going back to school and it's really nice to be able to have someone helping me along and encouraging me to keep up. The one thing I'm thankful for about Mary is the fact we have been able to remain friends through all the "Steve" drama. I'm sure it was touch and go sometimes, but I know our friendship has been tested and it's become strong. Let's see my favorite memory would be when we went to Pullman Square together after I had gotten some hard news. She didn't want me to be alone, but she also knew I didn't need a full on girls night. We had a quiet, but not uneventful evening.

Mechele (my new friend). I'm still learning a lot about Mechele. She is my best friend's future wife. Mechele has been a very fascinating addition to the gang. I have really seen Mechele grow a lot in the last few months and am thankful she's seeking the Lord with her life and her marriage. I think my favorite memory was when we were talking about underwear during Ben's birthday dinner party. We were waiting for a table and her shirt matched my underwear. She is the type of friend who can appreciate that type of information. LOL!!! She is also someone who can read minds at times. LOL!!!

Sammi (my OTH friend). Sammi has been working crazy hours and preparing for a very special day this coming Sunday. I think my favorite memory of her was when she first began to hang out with Other Ben (her future husband). She was waiting at church for everyone to leave so she could share something special with me. Other Ben had given her a CD mix. When she told me that, I started singing "Cause, you gave me the best mix tape I had..." a song from the OTH soundtrack. She had thought the same thing and we were able to share in that moment something that no one else in the gang would be able to understand. I still sing that song to her...and she still gets that giddy expression she got the day she told me...Love is bliss...

Sara (my mini-me). I love Sara. She's so funny. Quiet, shy at first glance, but once you get to know her one on one...she is no longer that shy and quiet girl. Sara and I have several special memories. Some I'm not at liberty to share in this blog...but one I really love to share is her alien invasion during our trip to Mexico. It was very interesting for her to walk into the room and blurt out a statement that was so TMI, it was was hilarious to hear come out of her mouth. Sara's gift is a gift of choosing songs, or being able to say a convicting quote. It has been a lot of fun getting to know her...and I'm really thankful she is someone I can call my true friend.

Supermac (my wii bowling boy). Ryan McClintock or Supermac as I like to call him is a very funny guy. Last year, when we had the wii bowling tournament, we both had played and won with other people, but had never really played against each other. I challenged him, but was afraid after I did. Thinking I may have been trash talking too much and I'd lose big time, I had to rethink my I poured the fliration on...I began to tell him, if he would I would give him a special reward. (I was really afraid that I possibly may have to do something), but thankfully he lost and I no reward had to be given to him. Two words that remind me of Supermac "Holy Crap!!"

These people are really special to me and I'm thankful God has allowed for us to spend time together. I believe each person on this list God has placed in my life for a purpose and I'm thankful they have been opened to be used by God to encourage, challenge, strengthen, and enjoy life with me.

Until next time...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Favorite memories with nieces & nephews

Well...yesterday was a fun blog to write...remembering events and special moments between my parents, my siblings, and their spouses. Today will be my nieces & nephews.

Marisa (Tim & Tonda's daughter)...I remember the first day I held you in my arms. You were 3 days old. We got the news you were born while we were visiting David & Susan. We cut that visit short and headed to see you. It was so nice to hold my very first niece. Another moment that is special was when I let you drive my car in the bank lot, practicing your parking. I was so proud of you.

Karis (David & Susan's daughter)...Karis my favorite memory was when I used to hold you like a football and you would drool and sometimes it would actually touch the floor. I also liked when I would sing a song and make you dance, and you would get all smiles and laugh during it. It was so much fun to make you laugh. As you have become older...we enjoy watching Alias together, and me trying to make missions for my Syd, jr.

Micah (David & Susan's son)...Let's see my favorite memory of Micah was when he played guitar while his two cousins sang for our Christmas music service. I was so proud of you all...especially with your talent that you have given back to the Lord.

David (Paul & Cindy's son)...I think my favorite memory with David is more recent. He came to visit while Camp Rock was on...he's in love with Demi Lovato. Hearing him sing songs from High School Musical is a special memory too. Your voice has gotten better and you are using it to sing praises to God. Keep that up boy...

Chelsea (Paul & Cindy's daughter)...Chels is hilarious. I remember when she used to pretend she didn't like me because she knew it would get me. I remember the first time she seemed excited to see me. I had walked in the house from work and just rolled my eyes and said, "oh,'s you." She rolled her eyes back and said, "yeah, really!" We hugged that time. Another special memory was when I took her to town and we walked up on the lookout over the town. She wanted to take pictures from there...and I think she got some good ones.

Nicholas (Leah & Mike's son)...My favorite memory with Nichol is when I get to spend the night with him. One of the times was Christmas eve and I woke up early in the morning and he asked me if Santa had come yet. I told him, I didn't think so. He also loved to sleep in the guest room with me. He would kick me until he went to sleep...or hog the bed.

Jacob (Leah & Mike's son)...Jacob is such a joy boy. He is always there to give me a hug. I think my favorite memory so far with him is when I sleep over...they now have different beds, and I get to sleep in the bottom bunk. He's such a heater...I don't need any cover.

Brock (Leah & Mikes' son)...Brockie hates when I call him Brockie, but I still do. He's so funny. He doesn't like to be around me, but yet he does. I think my favorite memory with him has been some of the times we have gone to the bowling alley and just watching him be like the "big boys".

Michael (Mary & Mickey's son)...Michael has been a lot of fun through the years. He was the first nephew and I remember when I used to take him to town with me. He loved McDonald's french fries. He had asked to go there and get some fries. So I pulled into the drive through and ordered. When they gave me the total, I looked over and put my hand out and gave him the total. He looked at me wide eyed and just pointed back at me. I said, "who's gonna pay for these fries?" He said, "you." I said, "I think you are right." He was so fun to ride in the car with me, because he loved having the visor down so he could look into the mirror and sing along with the music. One of his favorites was "Freedom" by 4Him.

Maddie (Mary & Mickey's daughter)...I think my favorite memory of Maddie was when she, Chels, and Karis slept in my room for the night. Mad & Chels were in the top bunk and Karis and I were on the futon. Chels was dead asleep and Mad was talking about elephants or something. I kept waking up and hearing her talk...and I would say, "Is she still awake, talking?" Karis would say yes, and then Mad would keep going. It was hilarious...I don't know if she was sleep talking or really awake because it wasn't making sense to me.

Marcus (Mary & Mickey's son)...Marc is another joy boy. I love hearing him sing songs. He can sing most of the lyrics to Tobymac's "Slam"...or when he quotes the lines from "Revolution" by Kirk Franklin "Preach, preacher!" funny. I love how Marc asks lots of questions...he's a curious boy and wants to know things. I love that about him.

Those are each of my nieces and nephews...I actually have one great niece who is Marisa's daughter. I really don't have a lot of memories with her yet. I don't get to see her as much as I have the other little ones. I do hope to get a few favorite memories soon though.

That's all for now...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Favorite Memories of Family Members

So I was answering a survey on my myspace page, and it got me to thinking, and I have decided to write a blog about it. The question was "What is your favorite memory?" My answer was too long for a short space on the survey...which is why I've decided to write this blog.

I have many memories...but what I decided to do is to write a special memory with each family member, and my friends. It's a good way to remember those special people in your life and see just how much God has given me. This is the one about my family members. Here goes...

My dad...I wrote a blog a few months ago about a special memory with him. It's the hospital visits I'd go with him. It was the travel time I enjoyed. He would be driving and pointing at different places telling me stories about them. It was a special time because it was just me & my dad.

My mom...I think my most favorite memory is the night she led me to the Lord. I remember it was a Tuesday night in December of 1983. Daddy and the other family members were going to a basketball game and I was at home with my mom. She and I began talking about Jesus and I was asking her questions about how a person is saved. During that conversation, Jesus spoke to my heart and I realized I hadn't been saved. That night I gave him everything, and she was able to be with me that night. The second person I told was my dad...which is another favorite memory with him. LOL!!!

My sister Becky...I really enjoyed visiting her when she lived outside of Germantown. A friend of mine and I would visit her while we were going to a concert. She would sometimes go with us too. That was fun.

My brother-in-law Mike (#1)...Mike has been in the family longer than me. I think my favorite memory with him is going to the movies when he would visit here. We would go to see action flicks that Becky wasn't a fan of.

My brother Tim...favorite memory...hmmm...I think it was when he owned the orange beetle, and would let me sit in the drivers seat and pretend to drive (I was a crazy pretend driver).

My sister-in-law Tonda...I loved playing with her watch and purse when she would visit. She eventually lost or broke them both and I missed having that to play with. Another favorite memory was when she came to my office at Star and recommended me to read a book. It's the book I'm re-reading now. I think that's why I thought about that memory.

My brother David...I think my favorite memory was the visit with him, when we talked about the role of women in the church. God used David to open my eyes to the next ministry that God was leading me towards. After he went over his study with me, I was given the opportunity to lead the congregation music at my church. If it wasn't for the study he and I did, I wouldn't have taken that position. God is good.

My sister-in-law Susan...My favorite memory of Susan is the prayer warrior she is. Everytime I have had a failed relationship, I know Susan is praying for my heart to heal. I'm thankful for her. I have another one when I went to school with her when she was a teacher. She was so good with the children and it was great to see that side of her.

My brother Paul...My favorite memory with my brother Paul is when he would play with me. He would pretend to be the Incredible Hulk and I would be the bionic woman. We would play for hours it would seem like. It was more like wrestling though...he usually had me on the floor most of the time. Once when we were playing, afterwards he was walking in the kitchen and I was behind him...and he pushed his butt out and hit me in the knocked the breath out of me. I remember him over me telling me to breathe...eventually it came back (thankfully). We tried not to horse around too much after that. LOL!!!

My sister-in-law Cindy...The favorite memory with Cindy would probably be when she and I have had the chance to talk about life. I remember her telling me about how she admired our family especially my mom.

My sister Leah...Wow! Leah and I have a lot of great memories. Going to concerts...playing together...she was the one to take care of me when I was sick during my third - fifth grade years. Leah and I were the last to be at home too. My favorite concert we have attended would probably be the David Phelps concerts...or Michael W. Smith...both are fun with my sister Leah. Leah and I also had an acrobatic routine we did. I loved that routine...and was the only time I ever dreamed of being an Olymic finalists...of course that didn't happen!!!

My brother-in-law Mike #2...Mike and I really haven't done anything without the other family members I think I'll talk about my favorite memory of his actions. I have seen Mike with his boys...a dedicated father, a husband who wants to be a godly influence not only to his boys, but also for his wife. I'm so glad that Mike is apart of the Jayne family, because he has stepped up and become a leader of his family when he needed to. It's good to see him read the Bible to his kids, and pray with them each night.

My sister Mary...Mary and I have had some ups and downs, but the older we get the more I respect her in a way I didn't as a little girl, or a teenager. I enjoy watching her raise her kids. She's had a lot to go through with a husband in active military duty. But to see her kids and spend time with them, you can see the influence of a godly woman. My favorite memory with her would probably be one that had many fights. It was a trip she and I took to Nebraska. We sang in the car the entire way (with the exception of a few spats), but the song "Addictive Love" has a special meaning to me because of that trip.

My brother-in-law Mickey (Mike #3) favorite memory with Mickey was when he came to pick me up to take me to Indiana for a family reunion. I had a job and couldn't leave when mom and dad did, but Mickey was bringing his brother home, so he picked me up then and we traveled 5 hours in a car and I realized then, Mickey was not a bad person. We rode together in those 5 hours without spatting at each other, but as soon as our feet hit the ground at my sister's house, Mickey made a comment. I looked at him and said, "you can't get by with it now, buddy...I know you like me." I've also enjoyed being able to see him retire from the military. Being proud that my brother-in-law served our country. It was one of the best moments I have ever been apart of.

These are the special memories of my parents, siblings and their spouses. I'll try to write special memories of my nieces & nephews and then for my friends. It's been good to see what an impact these people are in my life.

Until next time....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Tonight during Bible Study, Kim mentioned something that James MacDonald said on his radio program. I haven't gotten to listen to him in awhile, so I decided to check out his website when I got home. I was so excited to see a new book written by him. I think it's going to be released in the next few days. I emailed a couple of links to my Sunday school teacher, hoping he will take a look at it, and maybe we can do the book as our next set of lessons after the one we just picked.

Well...that's all for now.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


I have developed a love for reading. When I was a little girl, I didn't like reading and I didn't want to read books at all. I began reading some of the young adult romances (the good ones that didn't have any sex in them) when I was in high school. Then in my early 20's, I enjoyed the Christian romances, that had a message of hope included with the romance as well.

Eventually I have grown to love reading the thicker books, with a lot of heart in them. One series I really enjoyed reading (and have re-read them) is the O'Malley Series by Dee Henderson. I just finished all the books. I think it's about the fourth or fifth time on some of I would like to read them right before another book would come out.

As I said, I just finished re-reading them, and still have to say from Dee Henderson books those are my favorites. She has a few other books, but they haven't grasps me into the story like that series. that I have had some fun reading for the past several weeks...I have decided to re-read another book, but this is a Christian living book. It is written by Priscilla Evans Shirer and entitled "A Jewel In His Crown." This book imprinted my life because it brought out something that my mom used to remind me as a little girl.

I would be outside playing in the yard or riding my bike and she would be on the porch and look up and ask, "Who's girl are you?" For a long time I would just say, "yours" or "Charles & Garnet Jayne's girl". But after I became a Christian I decided to answer this "Jesus' girl." Of course my mom being the wise woman that she is began teaching me exactly how Jesus' girl acts and should be treated. Of course, I didn't see this until later in my life and I'm amazed at how she did without me realizing what she was doing.

She has this phrase she would always end a conversation before heading to do any activity..."Remember whose girl you are." I remember once before heading to a school dance sponsored by the high school band. This was a rare occasion that I would even be going to a dance, as being a preacher's girl it was frowned upon to be seen dancing at a school dance. But since this dance was sponsored by the band, and I was apart of the band, I was able to go. I honestly had planned on dancing that night and I didn't care what was going to happen, but my wise mother (who probably knew what I was planning on doing) quietly before I got out of the car said, "remember whose girl you are." I rolled my eyes and said, "I know, I know." I'm not sure what my mom was thinking after she said it, but I know what God said to me. The whole night, I kept remembering "whose girl I was....and the whole night, I kept working away. My band director had told me to take a break and for about two minutes I walked into the school gym, only to walk right out and go back up to him and say to him, "I didn't come to dance, I came to work. I know others will want to have a good time and if that means I need to go ahead and put another shift in that's okay with me." So he put me in charge of getting the pizzas from one place to the other.

It ended up being a great night for me to learn that Jesus' girl does know how to act. She doesn't just do things because she wants to, but see the big picture. The picture of how royalty should act. The interesting thing is, I did not always choose the path of how royalty should be treated. There have been many times I have sat and prayed that God would watch over me because of a poor choice that was made by one of Jesus' girls.

So I have decided to re-read this book "A Jewel In His Crown" so that I would be able to implement some of these principles and be able to share them with some of those girls at church looking up to me.

We live in a society where a lot of children's parents don't go to church. They ship their kids there, and allow them to come, but there's not a lot of support at home. One of the things I cherish the most is my Christian heritage. Being raised in a Christian home is a wonderful experience. I couldn't imagine having to go through some of the experiences the girls who come to my church go through themselves. My two friends who work with the older junior church are getting this burden too. I think it's good that we are seeing a burden there, but knowing exactly what to do is the hard part.

I ask for your prayers...that we would be open to God's leading. We want to support these girls and show them how God sees jewels in His crown. They should be treated as princesses, not crushed, broken, and abused (either physically, emotionally, or verbally).

Pray as I read this book again...that I will remember whose girl I am, and get back with the program of behaving like her.

Until next time...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The rest of the song...

I figured out the words to the bridge. It may have a few words incorrect, but this is what I figured out...

You love me so much that you let me, You let me fall
Knowing that I would lose it all and hear You call
You love me so much that you chase me
When I ran away You captured me by letting me run
To the end of myself, to the end of myself

I think this is becoming my song of the moment. It's such an honest song. God wants us to surrender EVERYTHING to Him.

Until next time...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Check out this CD...

Anthony Evans - "The Bridge"

This worship CD by Anthony Evans (Dr. Tony Evans' son) is really great. I heard one of the singles from it towards the end of last year "Glory to the King." It's upbeat tempo and soulful vocal expression by Anthony was a great combination. I love the quote from his bio for this CD "I took worship songs that are known in more of a contemporary environment and played them with a little more flavor." Because a "little more flavor" is what Anthony does with ANY song he sings. I can't pick my favorite track yet...but a few I'm really enjoying to listen to over and over are two slower worship songs "Wonderful, Merciful Savior" and "The Way You Love Me." The first one written by Dawn Rodgers and Eric Wyse. I love the simplicity that Anthony brings to this song. I can be driving in my car and when the lyric "You are the One that we praise, You are the One we adore..." I just want to lift my hands to praise to God and enjoy that moment of worship.

The latter of the songs mentioned "The Way that You Love Me" is such an honest prayer. I know I have been that place where my way is no longer able to be fact I'm sorta there now. Letting God take the reins and run with my life. The first two verses and chorus are below.

This heart breaks slowly
Tell me what are you doing to me
When I pray do what it takes
I didn't know I'd lose everything
Everything that meant anything to me is gone
Something right has to come from this wrong

It is the hurt that breaks me
It is the pain that pulls me to my knees
And the tears they change me
Til what I couldn't see
Become so clear to me
This is the way...the way that you love

My way destroyed me
I couldn't see I was my worst enemy
So you took away til my soul ached
And I knew that it was no mistake
That everything that meant anything to me is gone
Something right has to come from this wrong

Repeast chorus

I can't figure out the entire bridge of the song yet, but I'll get it eventually. I usually am able to pick that out while driving. For some reason, I'm able to hear the lyrics clearer when driving. I remember when I was trying to figure out an adlib line from Avalon's "Renew Me". I couldn't for the life of me get it when I was typing the lyrics for I:43 to sing, but I was driving to work one day and as I went under the tracks in Russell, I heard it. And now, everytime I hear the song I pick it out.

Anyway...something I was thinking about today. I was writing my testimony for part of my application for school, and while I was writing it I could see areas in the past three years where God is leading in different circumstances towards teaching. The first being my trip to Mexico with the church. We were able to work with two areas that week. One teaching conversational English to college students, and working with children in the VBS. Even with the language barrier, I still was able to make friends with a little girl. I still am looking for the picture of her. I have one, but there is one with me and her together. Anyway, this past VBS at our church, I was working with the music time, but since our sessions were 25 minutes I was able to teach the memory verse too. I really wasn't planning on doing the verse. I kept telling Cheryl that they would have to do it in another session, because I didn't want to teach it, but in my first class that very first night, I began teaching the verse. And the kids responded to it. We were able to make up motions to help remembering what came next...and the kids actually went to tell their teachers the verses from memory.

Now the last situation was just a simple one. At church on Sunday I was standing next to the pew with my purse and I was putting some stuff in it and this little girl from VBS came up to me and leaned into me...then put her arms around me to give me a hug. I remembered the little girl from VBS, but I couldn't for the life of me remember her name. I talked with her for a little bit and she told me she was going on vacation and would be back in a week. I told her to have a good time and when she left, I asked Cheryl, "what's her name?" She told me, but I still can't remember what it was. But I sat there and thought about that today. I love kids...I enjoy talking to them about the things they like. I love showing them that I'm a big kid myself and am able to like the things they like to.

I remember when "High School Musical" was really big, and I went up to one of the classes and walked out singing "Getcha head in the game" and the kids all big eyed began asking me if I watched "High School Musical." All my friends know that I have no clue what is on regular tv, but ask me stuff about the Disney channel and I could probably tell you just about every show line up. LOL!!! Anyway...I'm still not for sure what area for education I want to study...but I believe education is definitely what God is leading me towards. I like my friend Mary's reasoning for me to go back to school. She said, "DeeJay, you may not end up being a teacher at a school, but maybe God will open the door for you to get married and adopt or have children and you will end up homeschooling." (She knows that is one of my dreams, to be a mom and homeschool my children.) I was reminded that God doesn't always show us the entire blueprint, but He sometimes just shows us the tools that are needed for that particular project or area where He's working.

Until next time...

For my sister Mary

The school I'm going to is Tri-State Bible College. I think I'll still have to take a few teaching courses at OU possibly, but I could probably teach at a Christian school with just that degree. Ben and Kat told me that you can substitute teach at Rock Hill with just a BA degree...doesn't matter what in. So I may do some subing, until I finish the rest of the teaching stuff.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Fireproof Trailer is finally here...

I am SO looking forward to this movie. The more I read about it, the more I get excited about it. It may seem a little strange that a single girl is excited about a movie about marriage, but I believe marriage is a sacred covenant and it is just too easy to break it in our world today. One of the reasons I am still single is because I want my marriage to be special and last, and God hasn't showed me the guy yet. I don't want to just get married for the sake of getting married. It's like now that I have waited so long the commitment is more precious to me to make sure it's God's will and not mine.