Sunday, August 17, 2008

Favorite Memories of Family Members

So I was answering a survey on my myspace page, and it got me to thinking, and I have decided to write a blog about it. The question was "What is your favorite memory?" My answer was too long for a short space on the survey...which is why I've decided to write this blog.

I have many memories...but what I decided to do is to write a special memory with each family member, and my friends. It's a good way to remember those special people in your life and see just how much God has given me. This is the one about my family members. Here goes...

My dad...I wrote a blog a few months ago about a special memory with him. It's the hospital visits I'd go with him. It was the travel time I enjoyed. He would be driving and pointing at different places telling me stories about them. It was a special time because it was just me & my dad.

My mom...I think my most favorite memory is the night she led me to the Lord. I remember it was a Tuesday night in December of 1983. Daddy and the other family members were going to a basketball game and I was at home with my mom. She and I began talking about Jesus and I was asking her questions about how a person is saved. During that conversation, Jesus spoke to my heart and I realized I hadn't been saved. That night I gave him everything, and she was able to be with me that night. The second person I told was my dad...which is another favorite memory with him. LOL!!!

My sister Becky...I really enjoyed visiting her when she lived outside of Germantown. A friend of mine and I would visit her while we were going to a concert. She would sometimes go with us too. That was fun.

My brother-in-law Mike (#1)...Mike has been in the family longer than me. I think my favorite memory with him is going to the movies when he would visit here. We would go to see action flicks that Becky wasn't a fan of.

My brother Tim...favorite memory...hmmm...I think it was when he owned the orange beetle, and would let me sit in the drivers seat and pretend to drive (I was a crazy pretend driver).

My sister-in-law Tonda...I loved playing with her watch and purse when she would visit. She eventually lost or broke them both and I missed having that to play with. Another favorite memory was when she came to my office at Star and recommended me to read a book. It's the book I'm re-reading now. I think that's why I thought about that memory.

My brother David...I think my favorite memory was the visit with him, when we talked about the role of women in the church. God used David to open my eyes to the next ministry that God was leading me towards. After he went over his study with me, I was given the opportunity to lead the congregation music at my church. If it wasn't for the study he and I did, I wouldn't have taken that position. God is good.

My sister-in-law Susan...My favorite memory of Susan is the prayer warrior she is. Everytime I have had a failed relationship, I know Susan is praying for my heart to heal. I'm thankful for her. I have another one when I went to school with her when she was a teacher. She was so good with the children and it was great to see that side of her.

My brother Paul...My favorite memory with my brother Paul is when he would play with me. He would pretend to be the Incredible Hulk and I would be the bionic woman. We would play for hours it would seem like. It was more like wrestling though...he usually had me on the floor most of the time. Once when we were playing, afterwards he was walking in the kitchen and I was behind him...and he pushed his butt out and hit me in the knocked the breath out of me. I remember him over me telling me to breathe...eventually it came back (thankfully). We tried not to horse around too much after that. LOL!!!

My sister-in-law Cindy...The favorite memory with Cindy would probably be when she and I have had the chance to talk about life. I remember her telling me about how she admired our family especially my mom.

My sister Leah...Wow! Leah and I have a lot of great memories. Going to concerts...playing together...she was the one to take care of me when I was sick during my third - fifth grade years. Leah and I were the last to be at home too. My favorite concert we have attended would probably be the David Phelps concerts...or Michael W. Smith...both are fun with my sister Leah. Leah and I also had an acrobatic routine we did. I loved that routine...and was the only time I ever dreamed of being an Olymic finalists...of course that didn't happen!!!

My brother-in-law Mike #2...Mike and I really haven't done anything without the other family members I think I'll talk about my favorite memory of his actions. I have seen Mike with his boys...a dedicated father, a husband who wants to be a godly influence not only to his boys, but also for his wife. I'm so glad that Mike is apart of the Jayne family, because he has stepped up and become a leader of his family when he needed to. It's good to see him read the Bible to his kids, and pray with them each night.

My sister Mary...Mary and I have had some ups and downs, but the older we get the more I respect her in a way I didn't as a little girl, or a teenager. I enjoy watching her raise her kids. She's had a lot to go through with a husband in active military duty. But to see her kids and spend time with them, you can see the influence of a godly woman. My favorite memory with her would probably be one that had many fights. It was a trip she and I took to Nebraska. We sang in the car the entire way (with the exception of a few spats), but the song "Addictive Love" has a special meaning to me because of that trip.

My brother-in-law Mickey (Mike #3) favorite memory with Mickey was when he came to pick me up to take me to Indiana for a family reunion. I had a job and couldn't leave when mom and dad did, but Mickey was bringing his brother home, so he picked me up then and we traveled 5 hours in a car and I realized then, Mickey was not a bad person. We rode together in those 5 hours without spatting at each other, but as soon as our feet hit the ground at my sister's house, Mickey made a comment. I looked at him and said, "you can't get by with it now, buddy...I know you like me." I've also enjoyed being able to see him retire from the military. Being proud that my brother-in-law served our country. It was one of the best moments I have ever been apart of.

These are the special memories of my parents, siblings and their spouses. I'll try to write special memories of my nieces & nephews and then for my friends. It's been good to see what an impact these people are in my life.

Until next time....

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