Monday, August 18, 2008

Favorite memories with nieces & nephews

Well...yesterday was a fun blog to write...remembering events and special moments between my parents, my siblings, and their spouses. Today will be my nieces & nephews.

Marisa (Tim & Tonda's daughter)...I remember the first day I held you in my arms. You were 3 days old. We got the news you were born while we were visiting David & Susan. We cut that visit short and headed to see you. It was so nice to hold my very first niece. Another moment that is special was when I let you drive my car in the bank lot, practicing your parking. I was so proud of you.

Karis (David & Susan's daughter)...Karis my favorite memory was when I used to hold you like a football and you would drool and sometimes it would actually touch the floor. I also liked when I would sing a song and make you dance, and you would get all smiles and laugh during it. It was so much fun to make you laugh. As you have become older...we enjoy watching Alias together, and me trying to make missions for my Syd, jr.

Micah (David & Susan's son)...Let's see my favorite memory of Micah was when he played guitar while his two cousins sang for our Christmas music service. I was so proud of you all...especially with your talent that you have given back to the Lord.

David (Paul & Cindy's son)...I think my favorite memory with David is more recent. He came to visit while Camp Rock was on...he's in love with Demi Lovato. Hearing him sing songs from High School Musical is a special memory too. Your voice has gotten better and you are using it to sing praises to God. Keep that up boy...

Chelsea (Paul & Cindy's daughter)...Chels is hilarious. I remember when she used to pretend she didn't like me because she knew it would get me. I remember the first time she seemed excited to see me. I had walked in the house from work and just rolled my eyes and said, "oh,'s you." She rolled her eyes back and said, "yeah, really!" We hugged that time. Another special memory was when I took her to town and we walked up on the lookout over the town. She wanted to take pictures from there...and I think she got some good ones.

Nicholas (Leah & Mike's son)...My favorite memory with Nichol is when I get to spend the night with him. One of the times was Christmas eve and I woke up early in the morning and he asked me if Santa had come yet. I told him, I didn't think so. He also loved to sleep in the guest room with me. He would kick me until he went to sleep...or hog the bed.

Jacob (Leah & Mike's son)...Jacob is such a joy boy. He is always there to give me a hug. I think my favorite memory so far with him is when I sleep over...they now have different beds, and I get to sleep in the bottom bunk. He's such a heater...I don't need any cover.

Brock (Leah & Mikes' son)...Brockie hates when I call him Brockie, but I still do. He's so funny. He doesn't like to be around me, but yet he does. I think my favorite memory with him has been some of the times we have gone to the bowling alley and just watching him be like the "big boys".

Michael (Mary & Mickey's son)...Michael has been a lot of fun through the years. He was the first nephew and I remember when I used to take him to town with me. He loved McDonald's french fries. He had asked to go there and get some fries. So I pulled into the drive through and ordered. When they gave me the total, I looked over and put my hand out and gave him the total. He looked at me wide eyed and just pointed back at me. I said, "who's gonna pay for these fries?" He said, "you." I said, "I think you are right." He was so fun to ride in the car with me, because he loved having the visor down so he could look into the mirror and sing along with the music. One of his favorites was "Freedom" by 4Him.

Maddie (Mary & Mickey's daughter)...I think my favorite memory of Maddie was when she, Chels, and Karis slept in my room for the night. Mad & Chels were in the top bunk and Karis and I were on the futon. Chels was dead asleep and Mad was talking about elephants or something. I kept waking up and hearing her talk...and I would say, "Is she still awake, talking?" Karis would say yes, and then Mad would keep going. It was hilarious...I don't know if she was sleep talking or really awake because it wasn't making sense to me.

Marcus (Mary & Mickey's son)...Marc is another joy boy. I love hearing him sing songs. He can sing most of the lyrics to Tobymac's "Slam"...or when he quotes the lines from "Revolution" by Kirk Franklin "Preach, preacher!" funny. I love how Marc asks lots of questions...he's a curious boy and wants to know things. I love that about him.

Those are each of my nieces and nephews...I actually have one great niece who is Marisa's daughter. I really don't have a lot of memories with her yet. I don't get to see her as much as I have the other little ones. I do hope to get a few favorite memories soon though.

That's all for now...

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