Thursday, August 07, 2008


I have developed a love for reading. When I was a little girl, I didn't like reading and I didn't want to read books at all. I began reading some of the young adult romances (the good ones that didn't have any sex in them) when I was in high school. Then in my early 20's, I enjoyed the Christian romances, that had a message of hope included with the romance as well.

Eventually I have grown to love reading the thicker books, with a lot of heart in them. One series I really enjoyed reading (and have re-read them) is the O'Malley Series by Dee Henderson. I just finished all the books. I think it's about the fourth or fifth time on some of I would like to read them right before another book would come out.

As I said, I just finished re-reading them, and still have to say from Dee Henderson books those are my favorites. She has a few other books, but they haven't grasps me into the story like that series. that I have had some fun reading for the past several weeks...I have decided to re-read another book, but this is a Christian living book. It is written by Priscilla Evans Shirer and entitled "A Jewel In His Crown." This book imprinted my life because it brought out something that my mom used to remind me as a little girl.

I would be outside playing in the yard or riding my bike and she would be on the porch and look up and ask, "Who's girl are you?" For a long time I would just say, "yours" or "Charles & Garnet Jayne's girl". But after I became a Christian I decided to answer this "Jesus' girl." Of course my mom being the wise woman that she is began teaching me exactly how Jesus' girl acts and should be treated. Of course, I didn't see this until later in my life and I'm amazed at how she did without me realizing what she was doing.

She has this phrase she would always end a conversation before heading to do any activity..."Remember whose girl you are." I remember once before heading to a school dance sponsored by the high school band. This was a rare occasion that I would even be going to a dance, as being a preacher's girl it was frowned upon to be seen dancing at a school dance. But since this dance was sponsored by the band, and I was apart of the band, I was able to go. I honestly had planned on dancing that night and I didn't care what was going to happen, but my wise mother (who probably knew what I was planning on doing) quietly before I got out of the car said, "remember whose girl you are." I rolled my eyes and said, "I know, I know." I'm not sure what my mom was thinking after she said it, but I know what God said to me. The whole night, I kept remembering "whose girl I was....and the whole night, I kept working away. My band director had told me to take a break and for about two minutes I walked into the school gym, only to walk right out and go back up to him and say to him, "I didn't come to dance, I came to work. I know others will want to have a good time and if that means I need to go ahead and put another shift in that's okay with me." So he put me in charge of getting the pizzas from one place to the other.

It ended up being a great night for me to learn that Jesus' girl does know how to act. She doesn't just do things because she wants to, but see the big picture. The picture of how royalty should act. The interesting thing is, I did not always choose the path of how royalty should be treated. There have been many times I have sat and prayed that God would watch over me because of a poor choice that was made by one of Jesus' girls.

So I have decided to re-read this book "A Jewel In His Crown" so that I would be able to implement some of these principles and be able to share them with some of those girls at church looking up to me.

We live in a society where a lot of children's parents don't go to church. They ship their kids there, and allow them to come, but there's not a lot of support at home. One of the things I cherish the most is my Christian heritage. Being raised in a Christian home is a wonderful experience. I couldn't imagine having to go through some of the experiences the girls who come to my church go through themselves. My two friends who work with the older junior church are getting this burden too. I think it's good that we are seeing a burden there, but knowing exactly what to do is the hard part.

I ask for your prayers...that we would be open to God's leading. We want to support these girls and show them how God sees jewels in His crown. They should be treated as princesses, not crushed, broken, and abused (either physically, emotionally, or verbally).

Pray as I read this book again...that I will remember whose girl I am, and get back with the program of behaving like her.

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marnmic said...

good thoughts!

marnmic said...

Oh yea, and one thing that has been a very hard lesson for me to learn...all "Christian" homes were not like ours. When I used to see people come week after week to church and I would get to know them, I am continually surprised at some things that go on in the home. The bashing of other Christians, the bashing of the pastor, snide comments made about so and so. Our home was not like that, and i'm so thankful, but when I got out into the real world, it was shocking to me, that all Christians homes were not the same as ours!