Monday, September 08, 2008

First night of classes...

Wow!!! I'm a little overwhelmed in Math class. I was beginning to get lost in class tonight. I can't do math in my head and I need to practice my multiplication tables. Wow!!! That's all I can say about that class.

As for The Pentateuch...I am really excited about this class. On the way home, I began praying about the subject of my paper due the week of November 10th (I'm going to try to bring it early as I won't be attending the class the night it's due). I've got some ideas running in my head, but really want to read some of the Scripture for those ideas before deciding for sure where I want to take this.

Stopped at Wal-mart afterwards...needed to get some stuff for my hair...and some toliet paper.

Getting ready to watch a little TV before heading to bed. I don't want to worry about homework until tomorrow night. I'll probably be reading a lot this weekend when not celebrating my friend Mary's b-day.

Until next time....

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marnmic said...

um...I think Becky got all the math genes in our famliy. :-)
Cause I don't have them!