Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I've made it again...

Well...it's Tuesday and I'm still walking. Last night was my second class. I talked to my math teacher and said, "I think I need remedial math." I'm not ashamed to say that Math is not my best subject. At church on Sunday night I was sitting there reviewing some of the problems I still had to do. Our pastor's daughter is in 6th grade and walks up to me and says..."I can do that." I honestly wanted to chock that kid. I really struggle with it. I can add, subtract, multiply (not well), and divide (a little worse than multiplication, but I can do it)...but when you talk about geometery...I freeze. My mind just doesn't understand it.

Anyway...last week I was excited to get home and watch my favorite show that I had taped. I went into the living room after writing the blog to just relax and enjoy rest of my evening...and saw that I had taped the wrong channel. I didn't get TOO upset. I was disappointed, but thought, 'I'll just wait to watch it online.' The station posts the show about a week after it airs. I was really excited the next day though when I saw they station was actually going to replay it on Sunday. Well...our electricity went out and I was unable to watch it on Sunday. So last night after class I got online and watched last week's episode. It was a good and sad episode.

As far as class last night. I enjoyed math. It was reviewing stuff that I already knew. So it seemed to be better for me. In the Pentateuch, we went over the "Introduction" chapter and started on the chapter for "Authorship", but he's going to go over the rest of that chapter next week. My reading for that class is a lot, but I am trying to keep up. I hope to have the book of Genesis read by next week...at least that's my goal for it. I'll be reading the chapter in the book on Genesis and looking over the chapter on Authorship just in case.

Well...I need to get ready for work...so I'm closing up the blog for now. I hope to write a blog about the Sunday morning sermon. It was a good one.

Until next time...

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