Thursday, September 04, 2008

Long post

* answer questions from my sister Mary...'s not because I've been busy with school. I guess I just haven't felt like actually putting into words what has been happening. Last week was pretty rough for me, but I'm doing much better. Thursday, my sister Mary left to go to my other sister's house. They were going to take her to the airport on Saturday for her to go back with her family. She really missed them, but I was really glad for some time to visit with her. It was interesting because I actually got to talk to niece and nephews didn't come with she was able to get all our attention.

Since she was leaving on Thursday, I had the house alone for the day/evening. I took it off...and ended up going to school to pick up my books. I went to the church afterward to clean it, because of the holiday weekend, I wanted to have it I cleaned the church on Thursday to help me have the weekend off too.

Friday night, I came home and started working on cleaning my room...continued with it on Saturday. My mom walked in and said..."wow! you do have a floor." This weekend I'm working on my closet. I really have a lot of stuff in there I really don't need. I bought two bins to put my purses and bags in...they are currently just laying in the floor of the closet. I'm also going to be going through the clothes and take out things that I haven't worn in awhile and give them away. Hopefully I'll be able to get some room in there.

Monday was good...I went to the flea market with my parents and sister Becky and her husband Mike. I bought three CD' of them I already had...oh was only two bucks and I'm going to give it to one of my friends. Monday was also the premiere of my favorite show. It's going to be difficult to watch this season as I have school on Monday nights. I haven't decided what to do...tape it or just watch it online later in the week. I may do both.

This week at work has been good...and crazy. Crazy because it's the first of the month. Crazy because my normal co-worker is on vacation. I'm working with another girl...she's really sweet. I haven't really gotten to know her because we usually work in different offices, but this week it's been pretty fun. Good because it was a short week. I'm so glad it's Friday tomorrow.

Well...that's about all that's happened lately. I know it's not much, but it's about all I can remember.

This Saturday I'll be watching my boys (Nicholas, Jacob, and Brock). I'm really excited. I miss hanging out with them. I really need to set a time to spend the night with them. They are all growing up too quickly. Pray for me...because I'll have them alone for some of the day as my parents are going to a funeral. I'm sure I can handle them, but they can wear me out. LOL!!!

Until next time...

*Not sure who the person's someone they knew from when he pastored at Mamre. Mike & Leah didn't tell me what they were doing for the day, and I didn't think to ask because I'm just excited about watching the boys.

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marnmic said...

Who passed away?
Where are Leah and Mike going? ;-)

Mickey left this morning.