Friday, October 10, 2008

The Greatest Story...

Your life woven day by day
Is a new design of the glory God displays
On the canvas of creation
Through the poem of history
In the pattern of remdemption
Running through the tapestry
Your life in Christ can be
The greatest story ever told

So today and yesterday evening I was able to lay out my color scheme for the quilt I'm making. My mom has made a particular quilt for several people in my family. She said she would make me one too...but after I got married. Since I don't see any prospects in my life, I asked her last year, if she would help me make a quilt. Of course...with my busy life (which I really don't know why is so busy...since I don't have an active social life) it has never been started. Anyway...this week, I decided to just at least get the material cut and get it laid out of the color scheme. Mom has several pieces completed and said for me to use as many as I can. I have chosen quite a few, but there are still quite a few I will have to put together myself.

Since I've been working on making something out of fabric, the chorus of "The Greatest Story" has been running through my head. My dad has preached a sermon about how God works in our life like an artist creating a masterpiece, or a seamtress creating something out of different materials. Take for instance someone doing a needlepoint pattern. The underside of it has many colors of threads and the design is all distorted, but when you turn the piece over and see the beautiful's understandable why the other side is all messy.

Our lives may seem messy at times...difficult times crashing into our so called normal lives. These times are there for a reason...they bring the dark threads that really bring out the detail in the final masterpiece. It's all needed, and God is seeing the ENTIRE picture and the finish product...knowing just want to bring into our life at just the right time. It's good that we have these crazy times, so we can see His hand in them too.

I have an incredible praise to also write. I know that the God I serve is a God who can heal. He is the Great Physician. In December of last year, I went to a new eye doctor. This particular eye doctor thoroughly test each patient in different ways. Not just your "puff" pressure test, but also x-rays the eye, and does other types of pressure tests. In doing this sort of testing, they can really catch problems in the beginning. At this first eye appointment, my doctor differences in my optic nerves. They are different sizes. When they first see this, they become concern and consider a person a suspect for glaucoma. The next step is to do a visual field on the person and see the results of that test. My first test was scheduled a few weeks later. Due to the results they wanted me to repeat the test. I did and was immediately put on drops for glaucoma. It was one drop in my right eye twice a day. I tried to do this regularly, but a few times I did forget one or a couple of days both. Anyway, about 4 months ago, he checked my pressures again and the pressures seemed good, so he set an appointment to do the visual field again. Today was the test day. I wasn't too concerned about the test, I figured it would be the same results and I would continue on the drops as I had been doing these past 10 months. my surprise, my visual field results came back clean. I have stumped my eye doctor (he is a Christian) so he called it a miracle. He wants me to go off my drops for 6 weeks and then he will check my pressures. He has already taken the label of "glaucoma" off me. Praise the Lord! He says that my optic nerves are still asymmetrical, but that it may be normal for me.

I walked out of the eye doctors office today in amazement. I serve a God who can heal anything. It's interesting because I never really worried about being label a person with glaucoma, because it was just a matter of putting drops in one was a pain when I didn't remember before I had climbed into bed...or if I had forgotten to put them in before I left for work, but as far as the label "glaucoma"...I never was frustrated about it. I think it's interesting how this wasn't something I prayed for God to "take away," but yet He has. How awesome the God I serve is!

Those dark times in our lives that we accept because we know God is using them...He puts them there to makes us the person He's creating us to be. I wish I could accept "everything" He brings into my life this way. I know my life would be a lot smoother, if I didn't fight Him sometimes.

Until next time...

** "The Greatest Story" recorded by Avalon from the CD "Avalon" Released 1996.

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