Saturday, October 18, 2008

Let's Build a Bridge *Updated...

This is a favorite performance by Michael English.

So...I wanted to talk more about this performance, but didn't have a lot of time when I first found the youtube video. When I first found the song I was thinking about we need to build a bridge to those people in our lives that we are trying to reach with the love of Jesus, but after being in the services Sunday I can look at this song in a different way.

Missionary Hal Large was visiting our church yesterday and he brought a two messages (I was able to hear) about what we are missing in our life.

When we come to Christ at the time of salvation...we bring him with the things we have done...the sins we have committed and such. But have we ever taken the things that have been done to us to the blood of Jesus. There may be situations that we are holding onto...some we know for sure...others we may have buried deep inside of...but they are there. We must take them to the blood of Jesus and lay them at the cross. God will work in our life and be able to live through us. I hope to get a copy of the notes he gave pastor, because some of this I was able to grasp while other things I wasn't able to take hold of...

There was a separation between us and God and God sent Jesus to die on the cross to bridge that gap of separation.

These situations we are not taking to Jesus' blood are building walls around us...but taking them to the blood of Jesus, we are able to build that bridge again.

I know this isn't the way he presented the message, but with the idea of the song just made me relate to it that way.

*Let's Build a Bridge from the CD "Michael English." Performance from the 1994 Dove Awards.

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