Sunday, October 05, 2008

Slow Fade (Continue)

God is good! I really enjoy how when He's teaching a lesson...He really makes sure His point is clear.

For the past several weeks, Pastor has been preaching from the book of Genesis on the life of Isaac.

This morning, Pastor's sermon was from Genesis 26. It was entitled "Isaac's backsliding." All throughout the sermon I kept thinking about the song "Slow Fade." I had just heard the song yesterday, checked out the youtube videos with the lesson to go with the song, and wrote a blog about it...and then today hear about Isaac's backslidden condition. The outline is in the car right now, or I would include it in this blog.

Drawing back from yesterday's blog with Psalm 1:1-2...the second verse is "But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night."

I've noticed that one thing that causes a person to lose focus is to not concentrate on the source. For example to lose focus on God, you do not concentrate on His Word. Devotions has always been a struggle for me in the fact that sometimes reading one verse or a passage of Scripture can give me more than reading a certain number of chapters a day.

The point of it is...everyday we have choices presented to us. We can make a choice that will bring us closer to God or a choice that can allow us to fall into a back slidden condition. Which choice is going to win? Some days my choices are good, while other days I struggle to make the right choice. Some days I'm able to be in God's word without interruption, while other days I struggle to find a quiet moment.

This evening service we sat at the Lord's Supper...while sitting there reflecting on what God has done for me...with salvation, with provision of needs, with the finer details of my life...I wanted to stop and just say thank you. It was good that I did it then, because right after seemed that my thoughts began to quickly get distracted...needs began to arise, prayer requests spoken, etc. If I hadn't taken the time when I did...I would have lost the moment to thank Him. I became distracted after church. How many times before have I lost that moment? I'm sure it's been more than I want to admit. That's why I believe God has brought this idea of the "Slow Fade" to me. He wants me to be aware...on guard in my everyday life to not lose opportunities for Him to speak with me.

I ask that you pray for a few friends of mine. God knows the specific requests, and we are believing that He will work in His time.

Until next time...

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