Saturday, October 04, 2008

Slow Fade

I was on my way to clean the fellowship hall this morning. Usually I listen to my ipod on my car stereo, but today, I had my earphones already plugged into it, and I endedup having the radio on K-Love. Listening to the countdown, I heard the artist spotlight on Casting Crowns. This group is an amazing group. Their songs are really touching the Christian community...not just by being good songs to listen to...but also being songs that prick the heart and possibly cause conviction.

In past blogs you have read me state that music is a backdrop of life...and if you don't have music that can really touch you to a point of drawing you closer to God I think there is something missing. Preaching of God's word is needing, but I also think that songs that speak God's word can reach further. Music in the service can prepare the heart to hear what the Pastor or speaker will be saying. If you have something that is just "entertaining" it may end up distracting from God's word...instead of drawing someone to repentence.

Most of the songs by Casting Crowns are written in a way to help with this preparation of the heart to hear God's word.

While listening to the interview, I began to think of ways that I have allowed the "slow fade" to catch up with me. Back before I started going to the Bible Institute...I was running with some friends who were not the strongest Christians. Even though my choices were still "good", I had allowed a "slow fade" in my life. Thus the reason to get out of that scene was needed for God to get my attention.

Other times, can be when I don't take a stand while hanging with friends. If I see wrong doing and just turn my head instead of taking that stand on the Word. Most times I think we, as Christians don't take stands against sin because we don't want to be accused of being a "judge" of someone else...Or we don't want to hurt feelings of others...Or worse, we don't have a conviction to even take a stand. God's Word is here to guide us. We are under grace and not the law, but because of our position in Christ...I believe there is a way to live my life as to not be a bad testimony. Psalm 1:1 "...nor standeth in the way of sinners..." We need to be careful what our eyes see, our ears hears, our feet go, our hands move, and our mouths say. We have a Father who is above ... watching over us in love ... He wants us to be a GOOD representative of His. Am I? Are you?

I have attached two videos from Casting Crowns youtube page. One is the video of the song "Slow Fade" the other is a teaching lesson from Mark Hall (lead singer). I hope both will be enjoyed and helpful.

**- "Slow Fade" recorded by Casting Crowns from the CD "Alter and the Door"

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