Saturday, November 29, 2008


It's been a very good Thanksgiving holiday for me. It began on Wednesday ... after I got off work. I was so glad to finally have the work week over. It was a crazy week. I got some overtime which was nice, because I won't have to take too much off next week for my class.

Thanksgiving day was also celebration for the Jayne's Buckeye Christmas. Tonda or Tim had my name. They got me a skillet to make a cookie (like at Cheddars). I love those things. They also got me the DVD "Christmas Shoes". I like that movie, because it's based from the song by Newsong. In fact a few of the members of Newsong make an appearance in it.

That evening we played Rhythm and Mafia. I love both of those games, but Mafia is a lot more fun. We all stayed pretty late that night at Leah's house. It was about 11 when we left. We got home close to midnight.

Friday was mostly spent in bed. I wasn't feeling that great, so I took a few naps throughout the day. That evening, we went to Tim and Tonda's house for Italian night. The food was delicious and the fellowship again was great. We played Mafia again. I seriously love that game.

This morning I woke up sorta early and ate breakfast then went to clean the church. I had to clean the whole place, so it took me longer. I headed home afterward and got a shower then headed to Tim & Tonda's again. I had a headache and had a hard time getting rid of it. I did finally get rid of it, but it took awhile. Now I'm still not feeling well. I think momma is making me some rice. I hope I will feel better tomorrow...otherwise I may not be able to go to church. It depends on how I feel in the morning...or how many times I go to the restroom throughout the night. I have hit it several times tonight. I'm sure this is TMI for everybody reading this, but I'm seriously not going into as much detail as I do with my friends. LOL!!!

Tomorrow is Sunday and will be my last day off until Christmas. I am seriously excited about the new year, because I will get some days off again.

Well...I need to close for now. I have to eat that rice that momma is making for me. Until next time...

**"Home" recorded by Natalie Grant from the CD "Awaken" released 2005

Friday, November 21, 2008

Shake Your Groove Thing...

I'm a huge Chipmunks fan. I love the cartoons from the 80's when they were on Saturday morning cartoons. I just think they were adorable. I also saw the movie released and it was cute, but it was so much different. Anyway...a new artist I have spotlighted as my number one friend on my myspace page is Drew Seeley. He wrote "Get Your Head in the Game" from the original high school musical. He also helped with vocals for Zack during that movie as well as went on the summer tour. He's a really good singer and dancer.

For the new Chipmunks movie, Drew has recorded a song with The Chipmunks "Shake Your Groove Thing." He's featured in the I thought I'd post it for you all to enjoy.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


First of all, I need to finish with the last sermon of Revival. It's been a little crazy here getting ready for the Thanksgiving/Buckeye Christmas season. The last night was the final chapter in Galatians. The question for the evening was "How are you ministering?" Brad gave examples of how we can see if we are ministering correctly. I don't have them with me at the moment, but if you want them...comment me and I'll add them.

So...I'm preparing for Thanksgiving with Friends this Saturday. There is lots to do. Tonight when I finish this blog, I'm going to be making cheeseball and tortilla roll-ups for the OSU/Michigan game that afternoon.

Tomorrow and Friday are both going to be VERY busy. I work until 5:00 then I'll be heading to church to clean different parts of it. After that I'm heading home to finish up stuff I need to work on here.

Saturday will be an early day. I usually head over to Kat's in the morning to help get the turkey ready for baking and to get things settled and ready for everyone to show up for the game. Others will join later for the festivities.

Sunday will also be a little crazy. My nephews are going to be in a piano recital, so I'll be travelling after morning service to see that, then I'll be driving back to play practice, and then I have church that night, with choir practice afterwards...I think.

It will be a short week next week...YEAH!!! I'm excited about Thanksgiving/Buckeye Christmas. I'm not sure if I'll be able to write anything while the family is in. Maybe so will be good.

Tonight my sister Mary and her family will be coming in town. I'm excited to see her and the rest of the family. It's 11:00 pm and I really need to get started with the stuff I need to make. LOL!!!

Until next time...

*"Stories" from the recording "Welcome to Diverse City" by Tobymac. Released 2004

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Word

These past few days have been very hectic, but it's amazing how God can still speak when we take moments for Him to do so. Tonight, Brad spoke from Galatians 5. The question for tonight was "Where are you?" He brought out "where are you standing?" "how do you run?" and "how do you walk?" Are we standing firm in the liberty of Christ? Are we running well without the weights? Are we walking in the Spirit? Something that he brought out that hit me pretty hard was ... when life is crazy and we become tired and possibly have a church service to attend. Do I go anyway? Live in the Spirit...or do I let my flesh take over and just stay out. That's part of living in the Spirit. I can't tell you how many times it would be easy to just lay out of church when I'm tired, but because of a position I have at church, I sometimes push myself a little more. Most of the time, I get something out of the message and I'm thankful I pushed past that tired feeling. I know not everyone is able to do this, and that's where I have to be careful to not judge others and there reasonings for not coming to church. was one of those crazy days, but I never had a doubt in my mind that I would be going to church. I really have enjoyed these meetings, and I would not have a problem if it ended up going longer (but I haven't heard anything about that).

Today I had to be at the hospital to do some blood work my doctor ordered. This was a different test than I usually take. Due to some results from a previous pap, my doctor wanted to check for least keep it in check since my parents both have it.

Last night I began my fast, and this morning made it to the hospital in time to register and get to the lab by 8:00...then I waited (about a half hour) and got the first blood drawn. Then I waited about another hour and drank a very sugarie drink. Sorta tastes like flat sunkist, with about 5x the sugar. I was so hungry I almost got choked on it from drinking it too fast. I waited another half hour and got more blood drawn, then another half hour another set of blood work...finally after another hour, I was able to get my last set of blood drawn. I left and went to Wal-mart to buy some tights (as I was very cold in my skirt) and then to get something to eat at Chick-fil-a. I love that place and enjoy eating there, but it's not close to my office I normally work I stopped at the chance to eat there. I finally got to work around 12:40. I'll be taking off some time during my lunches this week to make up for it. Unless I end up staying over some night...sometimes that happens.

I don't know when the results will be ready for my doctor...or if I need to meet up with them. I will call them in the morning to see what I need to do next.

Well...until next time...

*The Word recorded by Sara Groves from the CD "Conversations" released 2001.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Low Fat Latte

Okay...I'm in a weird mood and since I'm having to fast for a blood test tomorrow I've decided to post something fun and just think about the no caffiene until after the blood test tomorrow. LOL!!! This is a song by Michael O'Brien (he's one of my favorite male vocalists...and this youtube video shows some range for him. Hope you enjoy...(more post under the video)

I wanted to mentioned tonight's meeting went well. The question for tonight was "Whose child are you?" This reminds me of the lesson my momma instilled in my growing up..."whose girl are you?" she would ask. And eventually I understood I was a child of the King. Tonight, during the message I was looking for the song "Child of the King", but it's not in our song's in an old one that Rhonda she played it after the service was over. For invitation we sang "O to be like thee"...which is how we need to be if we are a child of the King.

Until next time...

*Song "Low Fat Latte" recorded by Michael O'Brien, from the release "Something About Us" 2007

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Grace Enough

Well today was the first day of our fall meeting with Brad Quackenbush (pronounced exactly how it is spelled). This man is one of my favorite instructors at the Bible Institute I graduated from in 1997. He wasn't my favorite, because my dad was my favorite (with the exception of Romans class, because he gave me a B...LOL - a long story).

Anyway...I have been really excited for this fall meeting because I have always enjoyed Brad's classes. He is a very practical speaker and really brings it down to a level that even a child can understand.

He's going to be teaching from the book of Galatians during this meeting. This morning was chapter 1 and he brought forth the question..."What gospel did you believe?" There are many people who are just wanting to go to Heaven, many of them are just getting fire insurance and others who are just looking for a solution to their problem, but the true gospel is simply this..."Christ died for our sins and He rose again the third day." It's a simple gospel. We don't need to add to it because it's all done. He brought out 4 keys to the gospel. The first key centers around God and not us. It's not about's not about me. It's only about God. The second key is this gospel came by revelation not by man. False gospels lead to false hope and false hope doesn't rid of sin. The third key is this gospel really changes people. And finally the fourth key is this gospel brings glory to God...not to man.

Tonight Brad brought the question for chapter 2 "What grace did you embrace?" Three points from this question is "Real grace gives liberty", "Real grace justifies by faith" and "Real grace causes death."

Tonight's message made me think of the song recorded by Anointed back in '95 entitled "Grace Enough"...that's all it is Grace...nothing else. When you add anything to it ... it's not grace anymore.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's night message. The special music has been pointing to the sermons too. Mary Ferguson sang "Word of God Speak" and did a really good job. She pointed out the fact that when she learned from Brad's classes he always brought a point that God's Word guides us. We need to listen to it. I sang tonight and chose the song "The Way that You love me." I felt God changing the song this morning and was prepared with both....but that song won out, and I really think the fact when we lose ourselves in shows that He shines through our life. When we show up, instead of allowing Christ to shine, we mess things up. We become the center instead of God being the center. It's all about Jesus...

I'm looking forward to hearing Kat sing tomorrow. She's going to see "Here I Am To Worship." She does a really good job on it. Lynn will be singing on Tuesday and finally Ben will sing on Wednesday.

A prayer request...our deacon Darwin Vanderpool will be having surgery on Tuesday. He's going to be having the same surgery my dad had last year. Please be praying for him. Also continue to remember these nights at my church. May God be glorified this week in the lives of those who love Him and if a soul is saved...Praise the Lord!
*Grace Enough - recorded by Anointed from the recording "The Call" released 1995

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Alright...'s another blog. Just wanted to blog some about life and what's been happening in my life. Not much, but still. Here goes...

Work...For the past couple of months my co-workers (Joyce, Katherine, and Crystal) and I have been trying to get a good percentage of retention of membership payments. The insurance company I work for is owned by the members who have insurance with us. Well...each year if they have insurance with us there is a due that is required. Most people forget about this we have been sending letters, calling to remind...anything to get this percentage better. Last year we were able to get a gift of $100.00 and the year before that we got $75.00. of last week we were 6 away from getting $150.00. Currently we are getting a bonus of $125.00 for this retention, but we so wanted to get to the next level. I think we missed it by 1. I haven't gotten the final results yet...should have them by Monday morning though. Anyway...besides working hard for that, we have been getting ready for our Christmas celebration. This year we will be holding our Christmas dinner at Golden Corral. I got the room reserved and the date is set. YEAH!!! Now we just have to shop for presents and wait! LOL!!

School...Well, I've made it to mid-terms sorta. I have a take-home mid-term in my Pentateuch class, and my mid-term exam for Math is on Monday evening. I'm excited about it in a way. I'm getting a better grip at Math. My teacher spoke with me after class last week and said she was impressed at the improvement. It's still a struggle for continued prayers would be really appreciated. I'm working on my paper for my Pentateuch class this weekend too. It's almost completed. Mom and dad both have read what I've written so far.

Church...Renovations continue with the restrooms. I'm so ready for these things to be done. It seems as though I have been cleaning up dust for the entire year of 2008. But at least God has blessed us to be able to do the renovations. Today I bought some things for the new restroom. The women's room is completed, but now they are working on the men's room. It's completely gutted now. Looks pretty small too. I'm looking forward to getting better lighting in both restrooms so I can see better to clean them.

I'm in the Christmas play this year. I play a college student. My friend Kathi plays my mom, and my friend Mary plays my grandmother. I think it's great that I can be cast for a younger person. LOL!!!

Christmas music service...we will be holding our 4th Christmas music service on December 7th in the evening service. I love this service and really enjoy putting it together.

Home life...Things have home have been adjusting some. With all the things happening, I'm trying to get a schedule for me to have a few nights a week just to be at home...hopefully to work on my quilt. I have the piece cut out and the design I want to make, but haven't been able to start sewing the pieces that I have picked out (that haven't already been sewn together by my momma).

My car is in much need of repair, but God is an amazing God and has provided a good mechanic, who is a Christian and also works pretty cheap. That has been a blessing. Yesterday he provided a part for my car that normally runs between $150 & $180 for just $40 + tax. PTL!! It was such a blessing to be able to thank Him for that matter.

Tonight, I'm heading with friends to celebrate our friend Sara's belated birthday. With the wedding and honeymoon it had to delay the celebration. I'm excited about eating at Hibachi...that place is a fun place to eat.

I'm looking forward to Buckeye Christmas later this month. I need to begin shopping...I've been bad...the good thing is I haven't lost the name I I did last year. I still remember who I drew and I found proof of the name.

Well...that's about it. Hope your lives are going well...until next time...

*Alright recorded by Mercy Me from the CD "All that is Within Me." (c) 2007