Saturday, November 01, 2008

Alright...'s another blog. Just wanted to blog some about life and what's been happening in my life. Not much, but still. Here goes...

Work...For the past couple of months my co-workers (Joyce, Katherine, and Crystal) and I have been trying to get a good percentage of retention of membership payments. The insurance company I work for is owned by the members who have insurance with us. Well...each year if they have insurance with us there is a due that is required. Most people forget about this we have been sending letters, calling to remind...anything to get this percentage better. Last year we were able to get a gift of $100.00 and the year before that we got $75.00. of last week we were 6 away from getting $150.00. Currently we are getting a bonus of $125.00 for this retention, but we so wanted to get to the next level. I think we missed it by 1. I haven't gotten the final results yet...should have them by Monday morning though. Anyway...besides working hard for that, we have been getting ready for our Christmas celebration. This year we will be holding our Christmas dinner at Golden Corral. I got the room reserved and the date is set. YEAH!!! Now we just have to shop for presents and wait! LOL!!

School...Well, I've made it to mid-terms sorta. I have a take-home mid-term in my Pentateuch class, and my mid-term exam for Math is on Monday evening. I'm excited about it in a way. I'm getting a better grip at Math. My teacher spoke with me after class last week and said she was impressed at the improvement. It's still a struggle for continued prayers would be really appreciated. I'm working on my paper for my Pentateuch class this weekend too. It's almost completed. Mom and dad both have read what I've written so far.

Church...Renovations continue with the restrooms. I'm so ready for these things to be done. It seems as though I have been cleaning up dust for the entire year of 2008. But at least God has blessed us to be able to do the renovations. Today I bought some things for the new restroom. The women's room is completed, but now they are working on the men's room. It's completely gutted now. Looks pretty small too. I'm looking forward to getting better lighting in both restrooms so I can see better to clean them.

I'm in the Christmas play this year. I play a college student. My friend Kathi plays my mom, and my friend Mary plays my grandmother. I think it's great that I can be cast for a younger person. LOL!!!

Christmas music service...we will be holding our 4th Christmas music service on December 7th in the evening service. I love this service and really enjoy putting it together.

Home life...Things have home have been adjusting some. With all the things happening, I'm trying to get a schedule for me to have a few nights a week just to be at home...hopefully to work on my quilt. I have the piece cut out and the design I want to make, but haven't been able to start sewing the pieces that I have picked out (that haven't already been sewn together by my momma).

My car is in much need of repair, but God is an amazing God and has provided a good mechanic, who is a Christian and also works pretty cheap. That has been a blessing. Yesterday he provided a part for my car that normally runs between $150 & $180 for just $40 + tax. PTL!! It was such a blessing to be able to thank Him for that matter.

Tonight, I'm heading with friends to celebrate our friend Sara's belated birthday. With the wedding and honeymoon it had to delay the celebration. I'm excited about eating at Hibachi...that place is a fun place to eat.

I'm looking forward to Buckeye Christmas later this month. I need to begin shopping...I've been bad...the good thing is I haven't lost the name I I did last year. I still remember who I drew and I found proof of the name.

Well...that's about it. Hope your lives are going well...until next time...

*Alright recorded by Mercy Me from the CD "All that is Within Me." (c) 2007

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