Sunday, November 09, 2008

Grace Enough

Well today was the first day of our fall meeting with Brad Quackenbush (pronounced exactly how it is spelled). This man is one of my favorite instructors at the Bible Institute I graduated from in 1997. He wasn't my favorite, because my dad was my favorite (with the exception of Romans class, because he gave me a B...LOL - a long story).

Anyway...I have been really excited for this fall meeting because I have always enjoyed Brad's classes. He is a very practical speaker and really brings it down to a level that even a child can understand.

He's going to be teaching from the book of Galatians during this meeting. This morning was chapter 1 and he brought forth the question..."What gospel did you believe?" There are many people who are just wanting to go to Heaven, many of them are just getting fire insurance and others who are just looking for a solution to their problem, but the true gospel is simply this..."Christ died for our sins and He rose again the third day." It's a simple gospel. We don't need to add to it because it's all done. He brought out 4 keys to the gospel. The first key centers around God and not us. It's not about's not about me. It's only about God. The second key is this gospel came by revelation not by man. False gospels lead to false hope and false hope doesn't rid of sin. The third key is this gospel really changes people. And finally the fourth key is this gospel brings glory to God...not to man.

Tonight Brad brought the question for chapter 2 "What grace did you embrace?" Three points from this question is "Real grace gives liberty", "Real grace justifies by faith" and "Real grace causes death."

Tonight's message made me think of the song recorded by Anointed back in '95 entitled "Grace Enough"...that's all it is Grace...nothing else. When you add anything to it ... it's not grace anymore.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's night message. The special music has been pointing to the sermons too. Mary Ferguson sang "Word of God Speak" and did a really good job. She pointed out the fact that when she learned from Brad's classes he always brought a point that God's Word guides us. We need to listen to it. I sang tonight and chose the song "The Way that You love me." I felt God changing the song this morning and was prepared with both....but that song won out, and I really think the fact when we lose ourselves in shows that He shines through our life. When we show up, instead of allowing Christ to shine, we mess things up. We become the center instead of God being the center. It's all about Jesus...

I'm looking forward to hearing Kat sing tomorrow. She's going to see "Here I Am To Worship." She does a really good job on it. Lynn will be singing on Tuesday and finally Ben will sing on Wednesday.

A prayer request...our deacon Darwin Vanderpool will be having surgery on Tuesday. He's going to be having the same surgery my dad had last year. Please be praying for him. Also continue to remember these nights at my church. May God be glorified this week in the lives of those who love Him and if a soul is saved...Praise the Lord!
*Grace Enough - recorded by Anointed from the recording "The Call" released 1995

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