Saturday, November 29, 2008


It's been a very good Thanksgiving holiday for me. It began on Wednesday ... after I got off work. I was so glad to finally have the work week over. It was a crazy week. I got some overtime which was nice, because I won't have to take too much off next week for my class.

Thanksgiving day was also celebration for the Jayne's Buckeye Christmas. Tonda or Tim had my name. They got me a skillet to make a cookie (like at Cheddars). I love those things. They also got me the DVD "Christmas Shoes". I like that movie, because it's based from the song by Newsong. In fact a few of the members of Newsong make an appearance in it.

That evening we played Rhythm and Mafia. I love both of those games, but Mafia is a lot more fun. We all stayed pretty late that night at Leah's house. It was about 11 when we left. We got home close to midnight.

Friday was mostly spent in bed. I wasn't feeling that great, so I took a few naps throughout the day. That evening, we went to Tim and Tonda's house for Italian night. The food was delicious and the fellowship again was great. We played Mafia again. I seriously love that game.

This morning I woke up sorta early and ate breakfast then went to clean the church. I had to clean the whole place, so it took me longer. I headed home afterward and got a shower then headed to Tim & Tonda's again. I had a headache and had a hard time getting rid of it. I did finally get rid of it, but it took awhile. Now I'm still not feeling well. I think momma is making me some rice. I hope I will feel better tomorrow...otherwise I may not be able to go to church. It depends on how I feel in the morning...or how many times I go to the restroom throughout the night. I have hit it several times tonight. I'm sure this is TMI for everybody reading this, but I'm seriously not going into as much detail as I do with my friends. LOL!!!

Tomorrow is Sunday and will be my last day off until Christmas. I am seriously excited about the new year, because I will get some days off again.

Well...I need to close for now. I have to eat that rice that momma is making for me. Until next time...

**"Home" recorded by Natalie Grant from the CD "Awaken" released 2005

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