Monday, November 10, 2008

Low Fat Latte

Okay...I'm in a weird mood and since I'm having to fast for a blood test tomorrow I've decided to post something fun and just think about the no caffiene until after the blood test tomorrow. LOL!!! This is a song by Michael O'Brien (he's one of my favorite male vocalists...and this youtube video shows some range for him. Hope you enjoy...(more post under the video)

I wanted to mentioned tonight's meeting went well. The question for tonight was "Whose child are you?" This reminds me of the lesson my momma instilled in my growing up..."whose girl are you?" she would ask. And eventually I understood I was a child of the King. Tonight, during the message I was looking for the song "Child of the King", but it's not in our song's in an old one that Rhonda she played it after the service was over. For invitation we sang "O to be like thee"...which is how we need to be if we are a child of the King.

Until next time...

*Song "Low Fat Latte" recorded by Michael O'Brien, from the release "Something About Us" 2007

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